General Knowledge and it’s importance:

General knowledge plays an important role in the life of children, students, employees, professionals, etc. General knowledge is not only for competitive exams but also for day today life. In competitive exams general knowledge covers major part.

An Aspirant must be collecting General Knowledge from various sites & books, memorize it, revise it, enhance it for exams and finally utilize it in exams.  Genera knowledge section has 40/50 marks itself. So preparing General Knowledge section is inevitable. It makes you much confident for competitive exams. It helps you to score more marks in competitive exams.

Day Today GK has listed out all the important General Knowledge Topics in a single page for the benefit of Aspirants. You don’t need to search for any other topics as you have everything in this single page.

 Important and Useful General Knowledge Topics


Facts About Tamil Nadu

Facts About Kerala

Facts About Andhra Pradesh

Facts About Karnataka

Facts About Maharashtra

Facts About Gujarat

Facts About Jammu And Kashmir

Facts About Arunachal Pradesh

Facts About West Bengal

Facts About Uttar Pradesh

Facts About Haryana

Facts About Punjab

Facts About Uttarakhand 

Facts About Rajasthan

Facts About Odisha

Facts About Assam

Facts About Chandigarh

Facts About Madhya Pradesh

Facts About Goa

Facts About Sikkim

Facts About Telangana

Facts About Meghalaya

Facts About Manipur

Facts About Nagaland

Facts About Mizoram

Facts About Arunachal Pradesh

Facts About Delhi

Facts About Andaman And Nicobar Islands



Amazing Facts about Nepal

Amazing Facts about Bhutan

Amazing Facts about Bangladesh 

Amazing Facts about China

Amazing Facts about Myanmar 


African Countries Capitals Currencies 

Asian Countries Capitals Currencies 

Australian Countries Capitals Currencies 

European Countries Capitals Currencies 

North American Countries Capitals Currencies

South American Countries Capitals Currencies 


 International Organisation and their Headquarters

Recent Important Army – Military, Naval & Air force Exercises

Recent Important Brand Ambassador Name

Important Research Institutes in India

Space and Nuclear Research Centers in India

Longest and Largest in India

List of Firsts in India (Female)

List of Firsts in India (Male)

List of Chief Ministers and Governors

National Emblems of Famous Countries

Signs and Symbols And Their Meanings

News Agencies of Different Countries

Famous Monuments Of World

Railway Zones in India

Classical Dances of India

Aluminium companies in India

Trophies and Cups associated with Sports

Census 2011

Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants in India

Important Committees In India

Cabinet Ministers and their Constituencies


Public Sector Banks in India 

Private Sector Banks in India

Headquarters of Public and Private Banks

Block Chain Technology


Bharat Bill Payment System 

Interbank Mobile Payment System 

National Payments Corporation of India

Financial Institutions 

TRICKS to remember the Nationalization DATE of BANKS

Narsimham Committee on Banking Reforms


National Income

Unit Banking, Branch Banking and Group Banking

Sensex & Nifty

Type of Securities


Different Types of Writs in Indian Constitution 

Schedules in Constitution of India

List of Presidents of India since 1950 

Do You Know How President is elected in India? 

Prime Ministers of India


Himalayan River

Name of all the Important Highways

International Airports of India

Indian Cities and Their Nicknames

Inland Waterways of India

Major Ports in India

National Parks in India

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Biosphere Reserves in India

Tiger Reserves in India

10 important rivers in India

Famous Monuments Of World

International Boundary Lines

Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants in India 

Agricultural Seasons in India

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Botanical Gardens in India


Ramon Magsaysay Award Winners from India

Complete List of Padma awardees 2017 

Complete List of Grammy Awards 2017 winners 

Bharat Ratna Award Winners


Tricks to remember MUGHAL KINGS

Tricks to remember CURRENCIES


Special Security Forces in India 

National Commission for Women


More General Knowledge Topics will be added!!!