Special Security Forces in India – Full List


Special Security Forces in India


The below table comprises the details about Special Security Forces in India.

Security Force Year of Formation

Main Function

Chief of the Dept
Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) – India’s External Intelligence Agency.


1968 Collection of external intelligence, counter-terrorism and covert operations.

Responsible for obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations and persons.

Anil Dhasmana
National Investigation Agency (NIA) – India’s Central Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency. 2008 Deals with Militancy, Insurgency, and Left-wing terrorism, bomb blasts and terrorist attacks, infiltration across borders, arm smuggling, drug smuggling, pushing of fake Indian currency..etc Sharad Kumar
Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) – 2004 Gathering information regarding anti-national elements active in the state of Maharashtra.


Coordinates with the central intelligence agencies.

 Atulchandra Kulkarni
Special Frontier Force (SFF) – 1962 Conducted covert operations behind Chinese lines in the event of another Sino-Indian War.


Comes under RAW.

Special Protection Group (SPG) – India’s Administrative Protective Agency 1985 Responsible for the security of Prime Minister and other top officials and their families. Arun Kumar Sinha
Rapid Action Force (RAF) – Specialized wing of Central Reserve Police Force 1991 Formed to deal with riots and strife.

Executes prompt rescue and relief operations during floods, earthquakes and cyclones.

Forcefully acted against Communal Violence as Terrorist attacks.

K S Bhandari
Commando Battalions for Resolute Action (CoBRA) – Parent Agency is CRPF 2008 Trained and Equipped for commando and guerrilla/jungle warfare. Harpreet Singh
National Security Guard (NSG) – Premier Counter Terrorism Force of India 1985 Operates under Ministry of Home Affairs.

Protects VIPs, conducts anti-sabotage operations, rescues hostages, neutralizing terrorist threats, and responds to hijacking and piracy


Sudhir Pratap Singh
Border Security Force (BSF) 1965 Operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Responsible for protecting the India’s land borders and preventing trans-border crimes.

K K Sharma
Assam Rifles

(Old name – Cachar Levy)

1835 Oldest Paramilitary force of India.

Guarding Indo-Myanmar Border

Lt. Gen Shokin Chauhan
Central Reserve Police Force 1949 Assisting the States and Union Territories in Police Operations to maintain law and order. Shri. Sudhip Lakhtakia
Indo-Tibetan Border Police 1962 Para-Military force for security along the Indo-Tibetan border.

Highly trained in Mountaineering and Disaster Management.

Krishna Chaudhary
Central Industrial Security Forces 1983 Provides security cover to the industrial units located all over India. The units include major ports, atomic power stations, defence units, major refineries, and Space installations..etc O P Singh

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