Aluminium companies in India

What is Aluminium?

  • Aluminium is a silvery-white metal, the 13th element in the periodic table.
  • Aluminium aking up more than 8% of the Earth’s core mass.
  • It’s also the third most common chemical element on our planet after oxygen and silicon.
  • In the 19 century, the Danish physicist Christian Oersted used electrolysis to obtain Aluminium.
  • Bauxite is used as the primary raw material in Aluminium production.
  • On the average 4-5 tonnes of bauxite are needed to produce 1 tonne of Aluminium.

Aluminium Companies in India: Here is the complete list of Aluminium Companies in India. India is the worlds 5th most Aluminium producing country in the world. Average production is more than 2,100 thousand tons per annum. India also has got some of the world’s best Aluminium manufacturing companies in the world.

Top 10 Aluminium companies in India


Hindalco is most profitable and the leading aluminium manufacturing company of India. It has the largest market share counting to a mammoth 39% in Indian aluminium industry. The company is a profit-making segment of Aditya Birla Group. Four of its production units are in Uttar Pradesh.


Nalco is a Government of India undertaking company. The company has a production plant in Damanjodi, Orissa. This company unit has production capacity up to460000 tonnes.

3. Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BACL)

Bharat Aluminium Company Limited is rated among the top aluminium producing companies of India. Established in 1965, and the company has become a leading player in the country’s Public sector.

4. Madras Aluminium Company

Madras Aluminium Company is another prominent name in the aluminium production segment of India. It is a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources. As its name says the company has got a production plant in Tamil Nadu.

5. Indian Aluminium Company Limited (IACL)

Indian Aluminium Company Limited is a well-reputed aluminium production company in India. It is now merged with Hindalco Industries Limited. It is also known for its quality products in the aluminium industry.

6. Kennametal India

Kennametal India was established in the year 1964. With more than 50 years of experience, the company is well-trusted aluminium producing player. The is formally known as Widia India Limited.

7. Hindustan Zinc

Also known as HZL, Hindustan Zinc is another preeminent aluminium producing company in India. It is a public listed company. It started its operation in 1966 and with 50 years of experience in the aluminium industry.

8. Sujana Metal Products

Established in the year 2000, Sujana Metal Products has become a foremost Aluminium manufacturing company in the Southern region of India. The company has many products such as international trade, structural steels, TMT bars, and tower manufacturing.

9. Gujrat Foils LTD. (GFL)

Gujarat Foils Ltd. or GFL is a part of the $1.1 Billion company known as Topworth Group. It is the 3rd largest manufacturer of aluminium foils as well as sheets in India. GFL is the company is publicly listed in the BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange.


Sterlite is another leading aluminium manufacturing company of India. The Company is flourishing at an incredible rate. Its USP is its ability to produce top quality aluminium at a minimum price.

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