RESOLUTION- 2016, the year of your dreams

It’s been 2 days since 2016 arrived. I hope you all had a fantastic 2015 and will sure have a beautiful and prosperous 2016. Before going ahead with this article, I, on behalf of Daytodaygk team wants to wish you all a very successful Happy New Year.

I hope you all had a beautiful start of the year. Albeit some of you were busy with your clerk exams on 2nd and 3rd January 2016; Some of you have celebrated partying hard and some in solitude.

Nevertheless, celebration is over. What is next?….Are you blank to answer this Question? Have not you planned anything for this year? Are you still in the celebration mode? or Are you waiting to handle the situation as and when they come?

If this is what you think, I must warn you, that you are inviting troubles on your own. Accept it or not, but you are really fortunate enough to get this whole new year. Just imagine, there might be some people who couldn’t get this chance. But, you my friend, have got it. So, be thankful.

Instead of spending the same monotonous year, you can make it YOUR year by achieving what you always desired. Let this be the year when your dream finally turns into reality. Yes. 2016 is the year, you were waiting for.

So, Let us chalk out a plan and targets that you have to attain this year. Now, many of you must be thinking- Planning? Really? It is all crap. It never goes according to the plan. Yes! May be, it doesn’t go. Life for sure is unpredictable. But, ask yourself- Is that only the reason, why your plan fails? No! A big no. They also fail because we/you fail to implement it effectively. They fail because we think- There exists a tomorrow, another weak, another month, another year. Remember- You can pursue shiny distractions. Or you can do epic work. You just don’t get to do both.

There must be some of you who cleared Bank PO main exams in 2015. Isn’t it a blessing? isn’t a good end. Indeed, it is. Now, you are among the best selected candidates who will appear for the interview and clear the same, in 2016. Remember, don’t be overwhelmed by the fact that you cleared the exams. That is not enough my friend. You have to keep improving and preparing till you get that job in your hand. Do you want to say to your friends or relatives..I cleared the exams but you know what! i couldn’t clear the interview or i could have got the job if i would have answered confidently….. I am sure you don’t want that! So, Pull your days and nights together and make your dream a reality in 2016.

And for those who couldn’t get through the exams in 2015. Do not loose hope.You have the whole year with you. Remember- You are one year stronger and you can do it. You will make it in 2016.

On 1st of January 2016, you must have taken some Resolution. Resolution to get up early, to study 10 hours daily, not to party etc..etc. Remember, last year you  did the same but unfortunately, as the months passes , you gave it up.

I don’t want you to do the same this year. This year make one and only Resolution- “SUCCESS.” and believe this year will be the YEAR OF YOUR DREAMS.

Happy New Year…:):)

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