Let’s Play some Politics


Question 18: What would you say to your boss if he’s crazy about an  idea, but you think it stinks?

TRAPS: This is another question that pits two values, in this case loyalty and honesty,  against one another.

BEST ANSWER: Remember the rule stated earlier: In any conflict between values,  always choose integrity.


“I believe that when evaluating anything, it’s important to emphasize the  positive. What do I like about this idea?”

“After all,the most important thing I owe my boss is honesty. If he can’t count on me for that, then everything else I may do or say could be questionable in his eyes.”

“But I also want to express my thoughts in a constructive way. So my goal in this case would be to see if my boss and I could make his idea even stronger and more appealing”

“Of course, if he overrules me and says, ‘no, let’s do it my way,’then I owe him my full and enthusiastic support to make it work as best it can.”

Question 19: How could you have improved your career progress?

TRAPS: This is another variation on the question, “If you could, how would you live your life over?” Remember, you’re not going to fall for any such invitations to rewrite person history. You can’ t win if you do.

BEST ANSWER: You’re generally quite happy with your career progress. Maybe, if you had known something earlier in life, you might have moved in a certain direction sooner. But all things considered, you take responsibility for where you are, how you’ve gotten there, where you are going…and you harbor no regrets.


“I am fresher but I don’t have any work experience and my goal is reach the good position our life and I will start my career in your company.”

“This time is right now my career option. Because as I fresher. I have no work experience. And I want need a good platform like as your company. I will upgrading my knowledge for successfully employee.”

Question 20: What would you do if a fellow executive on your own corporate level wasn’t pulling his/her weight…and this was hurting your department?

TRAPS: This question and other hypothetical ones test your sense of human relations and how you might handle office politics.

BEST ANSWER: Try to gauge the political style of the firm and be guided accordingly. In general, fall back on universal principles of effective human relations – which in the end, embody the way you would like to be treated in a similar circumstance.


“Good human relations would call for me to go directly to the person and explain the situation,to try to enlist his help in a constructive, positive solution. If I sensed resistance, I would be as persuasive as I know how to explain the benefits we can all gain from working together, and the problems we, the company and our customers will experience if we don’t.”

POSSIBLE FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: And what would you do if he still did not change his ways?

ANSWER: “One thing I wouldn’t do is let the problem slide, because it would only get worse and overlooking it would set a bad precedent. I would try again and again and again, in whatever way I could, to solve the problem, involving wider and wider circles of people, both above and below the offending executive and including my own boss if necessary, so that everyone involved can see the rewards for teamwork and the drawbacks of non-cooperation.”

“I might add that I’ve never yet come across a situation that couldn’t be resolved by harnessing others in a determined, constructive effort.”

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