World’s most photographed tigress Machli dies at 20

Machhli (T-16), the magnet for wildlife enthusiasts and one of the longest surviving tigress, passed away. The tigress had been unwell for the past few month before succumbing to her illness.

Machhli was often referred to as the Queen of Ranthambore National Park’’. She gained fame for her bravery and tourist-friendly attitude. Machhli’s valour caught global attention when she fought and killed a 14-foot-long crocodile in Rajasthan’s famous National Park.

  • The tigress dies at the age of 19, which is almost equivalent to a human’s 110-115 years. Officials at the Ranthambore National Park had, a couple of weeks earlier, confirmed of her ill-health. The tigress has been unwell and not eating for the past four days, officials said. Prior to her death, Machhli lost all her teeth and became blind in one eye.
  •  Machhli has been known to be a loving mother. Being muscular, she had often challenged larger male tigers who posed harm on her cubs. She gave birth to nine cubs, thereby helping India raise its count of tigers.
  • Being camera friendly, the tigress would often pose before photographers, who all in turn considered their trip to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve incomplete without catching glimpses of her.