Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 41

1)Subtle: Adjective
Meaning: So precise as to be difficult to analyse or describe.( अतिसूक्ष्म).
Sentence: Their love was subtle.

2)Purgatory: Noun, Adjective
Meaning: A place or state of suffering inhabited by the soul of sinners who are expiating their sinners before going to heaven.(यातना)
Sentence: She would not go to purgatory as all her sins are forgiven.

3)Magnum: Noun
Meaning:a wine bottle of twice the standard size(बोतल)
Sentence: a magnum of champagne.

Meaning: a minor weakness or eccentricity in someone’s character(चरित्र की दुर्बलता)
Sentence: they have to tolerate each other’s little foibles.

5)Follies: Noun
Meaning: lack of good sense; foolishness(मूर्खता)
Sentence: an act of sheer folly.

6) Renege : verb
Meaning: to go back on one’s word ( मुकरना )
Sentence: He has reneged on his promise.

7) Ravish : verb
Meaning: fill (someone) with intense delight;enrapture( अति उत्साहित करना)
Sentence: I was utterly ravished by the way she smiled.

8) Prodigious : adjective
Meaning: remarkably or impressively great in extent, size, or degree (असाधारण)
Sentence:His own prodigious creative talent was fuelled by the stuff of the everyday.

9)Taut: Adjective
Meaning:stretched or pulled tight; not slack. (चुस्त)
Sentence: the fabric stays taut without adhesive

10)Cling: Verb, Noun
Meaning:hold on tightly to.(चिपक जाना)
Sentence: she clung to Joe’s arm.

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