Top 10 Richest Countries in World: In Wealthiest Countries List India is 7th

In the list of 10 Richest Countries in World, India is ranked 7th and they have beaten Canada at 8th, Australia at 9th and Italy at 10th. This report is made by new wealth world and this is governed by Capegemini. America in at the first place and second place in ths list is occupied by China.

Due to the huge population of India it was able to make a place in the list of the richest countries of world. With the population of 21 million the ranking of Australia is better than India.

  • The report assesses a country’s wealth is based on the property of the people. India has whooping 5600 billion dollars.  New World Wealth which is governed by Capegemini, has released the report of world’s richest countries.
  • Individual Wealth of India is reported to be 5,600 billion. 4700 billion with Canada, Australia to have 4500 billion and Italy to have 4400 billion of assets.

Top 10 Richest Countries in World

USA is top in the list with 48,900 Billion dollars. In this list China is ranked second and third place is given to Japan. China is second in the list with the wealth of 17 thousand 400 billion dollars. Japan is at third place with 15 thousand and 100 billion dollars.

UK is fourth in this list with whooping 9 thousand and 200 billion dollars. Germany is at 5th place with 9 thousand 100 billion dollars and France is at 6th place with 6 thousand 600 billion dollars.

Rank Richest Countries in World Individual Wealth in dollars
1 USA 48900
2 China 17,400
3 Japan 15,100
4 United Kingdom 9200
5 Germany 9100
6 France 6600
7 India 5600
8 Canada 4700
9 Australia 4500
10 Italy 4400