General Knowledge Quiz – Set Eighty Six

1. Blood groups were discovered by ____
a) Whitemann
b) Landsteiner
c) Ronald Ross
d) Altmom

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Answer b) Landsteiner

2. Morphologically, which part of mango is being eaten?

a) Endoacarp
b) Mesocarp
c) Epicarp
d) Pericarp

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Answer b) Mesocarp

3. Which of the following is the most important site for the formation of lymph.

a) Liver
b) Spleen
c) Brain
d) Heart

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Answer b) Spleen

4. Silk is  obtained from which stage of life cycle of silk moth?

a) Adult
b) Pupa
c) Egb
d) Larva

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Answer b) pupa

5. Among the following spider belong to the phylum of ___________

a) Insecta
b) Arthropods
c) Reptalia
d) Animalia

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Answer b) Arthropoda

6. Which of the following can synthesize its own food?

a) Euglina
b) Amoeba
c) Hydra
d) All of the following

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Answer a) Euglina

7. The element that helps in transport of electrons from water in photosynthesis is ____

a) Molybdenum
b) Zinc
c) Chlorine
d) Boron

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Answer a) Molybdenum

8. Birds have evolved from

a) Fishes
b) Mammals
c) Reptiles
d) Arthropods

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Answer c) Reptiles

9. Foot and Mouth disease in cattle is caused by ______ Pseudomonas
a) Salmonella
b) Virus
c) Anabaen

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Answer c) Virus

10. Urea cycle takes place in _______

a) Stomach
b) liver
c) pancreas
d) kidney

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Answer b) Liver