Railways to introduce ‘Tri-Netra’ to check collisions

Indian Railways get an advanced system, called “Tri-Netra”, on its trains which will help reduce train accidents by keeping a record of the track maintenance and will also provide better visibility during foggy days. Senior railway officers said Tri-Netra system is made up of a high-resolution optical video camera, high-sensitivity infrared video camera and a radar-based terrain mapping system.

  • Tri-Netra stands for ­ “terrain imaging for diesel drivers infrared, enhanced optical and radar assisted system”. The system provides a locomotive pilot a clear view of up to one kilometre on a straight track, even during inclement weather.
  • This helps in maintaining high speed in poor visibility and avoid delay in arrivals.
  • The new technology has been used on a trial basis and has shown good results. Senior officers said that once it is proved to be reliable, it may be brought to use this winters.
  • The requirement for the system gained more pace after 14 bogies of the Patna-bound Indore-Rajendra Nagar Express went off the tracks near Kanpur Dehat.

Terrain imaging for diesel dRivers Infra-red, Enhanced Optical & Radar Assisted system

  • Ministry of Railways, Railway Board has initiated a proposal to install TRI-NETRA systems on locomotives for enhancing the vision of Locomotive Pilots in inclement weather.
  • TRI-NETRA stands for – Terrain imaging for diesel dRivers INfra-red, Enhanced opTical &Radar Assisted system.
  • TRI-NETRA system shall be made up of high-resolution optical video camera, high sensitivity infra-red video camera and additionally a radar-based terrain mapping system.
  • These three components of the system shall act as three eyes (Tri-Netra) of the Locomotive Pilot.

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