Present tense: Present simple Tense

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Simple Present Tense

1. Simple Present Tense:

Key: The present tense is the base of the verb. So, subject is followed by ‘be’ form or verb present tense but if the subject is third person- the verb is followed by ‘s’ or ‘es’.


  • I work in IT Department.
  • She works in IT department.

When this form of the present tense comes in use:

  • when something is true in the present
  • frequency of events.
  • Something that denotes a fact
  • something that is fixed in the future.
  1. Something true in Present:  when something is true in the present, we usually use the simple present tense.
    1.   Example
      •  I am sixteen years old.
      •   She Lives in London.
  2. frequency of events:
    1.  Example:
      1.  I play football every weekend
      2.  She visits Orphan every month.
  3. Fact: Something that denotes a fact.
    1.  Example:
      1.  There are nine planets in the universe.
      2. Human body contains 206 bones.
  4. Something that is fixed in the future:
    1.  The college starts next month.
    2. The event takes place next week
    3. We fly to Singapore next month.

In case of Negatives and Questions:

  1. with the present tense, we use do and does to make questions.
    •  For the third person (He: we use does
      •  for example: Where does she belong?
        •  She is the third person; so, we will use does.
    • Other case: we use do.
      •  for example: Do you live in London?
  2. when we talk about Negatives:
    1.  In case of third Person(He/She): We use Does.
      1.  For example: Angela does not like Chocolates.
      2. John doesn’t drive to work. He goes by bus.
    2. Other Cases: We use do.
      1. I do not believe him.
      2. don’t like Ice-Cream.

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