General Knowledge Quiz – Set Ten


1. Mohenjodaro is also known as
a) mound of the Great
b) mound of the survivors
c) mound of living
d) mound of the dead

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Answer d) mound of Dead

2. The great bath of the indus valley Civilization was discovered in
a) Harappa
b) Lothpal
c) Mohenjodaro
d) Ropar

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Answer c) Mohenjodaro

3. Which God lost his importance as the first deity during the Later Vedic Period?
a) Varuna
b) Agni
c) Indra
d) Rudra

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Answer c) Indra

4. Which is the most important divinity of Rigveda?
a) Marut
b) Agni
c) Shakti
d) Indra

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Answer d) Indra

5. The dockyard at Lothal is connected through a channel to which one of the following rivers?
a) Bharavi
b) Bhogevo
c) Chitra
d) Chekra

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Answer b) Bhogevo

6. Which is the oldest Veda?
a) Samaveda
b) Yajurveda
c) Atharveda
d) Rigvedal

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Answer d) Rigveda

7. The word ‘Vid’ from which ‘Veda’ has been derived means
a) God
b) Doctrine
c) Knowledge
d) Holy

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Answer c) Knowledge

8. Upanishads, also known as Vedantas are_______in number
a) 96
b) 105
c) 108
d) 112

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Answer c) 108

9. The battle which is the story of Mahabharta most probably took place around
a) 100 BC
b) 1000BC
c) 2000BC
d) 100 AD

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Answer b) 1000 BC

10. Which of the following Kingdom is not mentioned in the Ramayana and the Mahabharta?
a) Panchala
b) Kashi
c) Kaushambi
d) Magadha

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Answer c) Kaushambi

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