Marketing Quiz

Marketing Quiz two for SBI PO and Clerk Exams

Dear Aspirants,

Marketing Quiz is very important for State Bank of India’s Probationary Officer and also for Clerk exams. Practice these Questions more and easily get good marks in General Awareness Category. All the Best.

1. The concept of Marketing is based on

a) Revenue Oriented
b) Employee Oriented
c) Profit Oriented
d) Customer Oriented

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2. The integration of Marketing Activities towards customer satisfaction is called

a) Marketing Planning
b) Marketing Segmentation
c) Marketing Concept
d) Marketing Controlling

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3. Which one of the following is not among the 5C’s of Marketing Decision Making?

a) Customer Needs
b) Competition
c) Context
d) Commodity

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4. The __________ concept of marketing holds that the Company should promote aggressively to push its products rather than expecting to get pick up automatically by the customers.

a) Exchange
b) Production
c) Product
d) Sales

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5. The term Marketing Myopia was coined by

a) Theodore Levitt
b) James Horner
c) Edward Jenner
d) Michael Kerton

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6. The ________ concept of Marketing is based on Customer Welfare and Satisfaction.

a) Freebie
b) Sales
c) Production
d) Social Marketing

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7. Individualisation is the process of

a) Consumerization
b) Customerisation
c) Sales
d) Risk Creation

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8. In contract of sale, the mode of payment is

a) Commodity
b) Money
c) Service
d) Idea

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9. Who gave the theory of 4P’s of Marketing?

a) Mc Carthy
b) John Milton
c) Paul Bishop
d) Keynesian

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10. Which one of the following is not among the basic promotion tools?

a) Public Relations
b) Advertising
c) Personal Selling
d) Customer Service

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