India to work with Shanghai Cooperation Organisation against terror

On July 10′ 2015, India was accepted as a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered to work in combating terror and boosting trade by easing barriers. India had an observer status for the past 10 years and will technically become a member by next year. Noting that India’s membership “reflects the natural links of history”, the PM said, “it will also promote peace and prosperity in this vast region that has often been called the pivot of human history.”

Prime Minister assured India’s full cooperation to Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Reiterating India’s commitment in combating terrorism, PM Modi called for working together with SCO to combat this menace.

PM said that India will deepen its engagement in Human Resources Development, Information and Communication Technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, capital markets, Micro and Small Medium Enterprises, micro-finance and food security. PM congratulated Pakistan on becoming member of SCO.

India, which has an Observer status for the past 10 years, will technically become the member by next year after completion of certain procedures. Beijing-based SCO currently has China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as members.

The inclusion of India as a member of this organisation is testimony of the fact that the role of India in international and global fora is increasing day by day and New Delhi is ready to actively play its role.