Important points about current affairs

Events of political or social interest or sports and importance happening in the world at the present time is called as Current Affairs. The two words of current and affairs are the interesting name to a subject of study, current is mean to the study, Event is mean to the day to day life affairs. Current affairs involve to the different fields are linked to sports, economy, national, international, science and technology, environment etc.……


Current Affairs

Current Affairs PDF

 Current affairs PDF is the all current affairs details and questions and answers are in save to text file. Current affairs PDF is very easy to search and download. This type of PDF files are easy to read. Once you’ve downloaded the Current Affairs PDF, it will start automatically whenever you want to look at a Current Affairs PDF file. This type of files are occupy the lower space. The PDF is a type of documents which are too easy to transfer not collapse the data.PDF is called to be portable document file. Current affairs are to be stored in PDF file format, this type of files are to be captured all the elements of a printed document including electronic image.

This type of files are easy to view, navigate, print and forward to anyone. Current affairs is the day by day events and incidents around us. Current Affairs are related to different field national, international, economy, sports, science and technology, environment. They also vary according to the scale of which these events occur, be it at national level, regional level or international level. To develop an understanding of these events, it is required to explore the different aspects, background, and history of the events in question. At times one major of national, international or economic event may lead to a series of incidents that may threaten to shake the balance in power. Current Affairs Questions and Answers are also more helpful for the aspirants to score their marks.

Current affairs quiz

     Quiz is a game or sports, competitive players are attempt to answers in questions correctly. Some countries, a quiz is used in measure growth in knowledge and skills in education and similar fields. All company’s are selected to the employee to test the knowledge and skill to using the quiz. All current affairs contents are collected to change the mode of questions and answers. The quiz is the one of the questions and answers format. Quiz is used to improve the current affairs knowledge. Current Affairs Quiz has proved to be an extremely useful in different competitive exams via. IAS, Bank Exams Like SBI PO Mains, IBPS PO Mains, IBPS Clerk Mains, IBPS. Central Government Exams Like RRB, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Various UPSC Exams, RBI Assistant, RBI Officer Grade B, Insurance Exams and Other Competitive Exams of India.

The latest Current Affairs Quiz wants to assist every person of all competitive exams to revise the day at easy. In your next competitive exam, these quizzes will help you in answering the questions. The day’s upgraded quizzes will cover all the latest topics on Science, Technology, National, International, Sports, Persons and Editorials from Important Newspapers and etc.

General knowledge

        Different psychology research define as general knowledge. GK means Good Kid. General knowledge is a key factor of crystallized power. It is strongly identified with common mentality. General knowledge is supported to an ability of long term semantic memory. General knowledge has been founded to predict exam results in a study of British school children and weak associations with measures of creativity and robustly predict proofreading skills in university students. Candidates are required to update their current affairs of the national and international significance to the banking field. Knowledge can mean to a practical or theoretical understanding of a subject. Knowledge is powerful and important part of Life.

General knowledge is also moderately associated with verbal ability and numerical and spatial ability. General knowledge has been found to increase with age. General knowledge questions and answers are very useful for all government exam preparation people’s. General knowledge is the update of day to day. School children’s to all office peoples are Gk is the very important one. Gk is day to day update your skill is day to day increase. General knowledge is also known as knowledge of a broad range of facts about various subjects. General knowledge is the information on many various subjects that you gather step by step.

Computer Awareness

   Computer awareness is dependent upon an individual’s specific knowledge of computer hardware and software. Increasing your knowledge and skills in these areas can be accomplished through study up to date updates in computer relevant. Hardware is include all mechanical and electrical or electronic parts or components of the computer. Software is include OS and programmes and applications. This is are used to instruction to the computer to process and generate the data. Some Current Affairs questions that are related to Computer Awareness Quiz Exams and it is useful for aspirants to score their marks in competitive exams.

Banking Awareness

       Banking awareness is very useful for all bank exams, banking awareness questions are to be relevant to following  Questions about RBI, its governor, recent rate hikes will be asked & look for the current rates. Latest technologies used in banking sector ( Mobile & SMS banking,internet). Names of banks chairman’s/MD’s, RBI governor & important organizations of financial. Terms and conditions used in banking field (like NEFT, RTGS, Reporate, NPA etc.,) Money withdraw instrument (Cheque, DD,ATM, debit, credit cards etc) & how, when to use them.Five year planning and recent developments in banking sector,mergers,Indian economy, policy decisions etc…. In Bank examinations, the aspirants to know all the computer awareness questions and answers. Current Affairs is more helpful for competitors to achieve their marks in the bank examinations.

Online test

    OES (online examination system) is a MCQ (multiple choice questions) based examination system that provide easy to use environment for both student’s appearing and test conductors for exam. Most of the competitive exams conducted an online test.  Current Affairs is also to be an part of these online test examinations. OES has three categories they are:

  • Test Conductors – organize for providing tests, subjects, and questions.
  • Administrators – organize for management of system users, tests, questions, subjects, results, system backup and recovery.
  • Students – are appearing in the examination
Facts about Tamil Nadu

       Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state, Capital is Chennai, official language is Tamil, assembly seats are 234,state sports is Kabadi, Tamilnadu has bordered with three states Kerala is west, Andhra Pradesh is north, Karnataka is northwest. The biggest river is kaveri (760km) long. Bharatanatyam is the traditional dance of state. Famous folk dances of the state is Kolattam, Mayilattam, and Karagam. Pongal and Deepavali is the main festival of Tamilnadu, Pongal festival is called as harvest festival this time Jallikattu is conducted in Madurai is the famous one. Tamilnadu largest producer of banana, turmeric, tapioca, coconut, groundnut, mango.

Famous places of Tamilnadu is Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Vivekananda rock memorial, Thiruvalluvar statue, Thanjai periya kovil, Mahabalipuram,etc………Tamilnadu has divided into 32 districts. Chennai is the smallest city in area whereas, but most populated and densely populated city in Tamilnadu. Erode is the largest city in area whereas. Tamilnadu is the 11th largest state in India consider area wise, sixth place population wise. Sathyamangalam forest is the largest elephant population in India, Tamilnadu is the 5th place of rice produce in India.