GK Quiz on Governors of India

1. Name the governor who is an Indian politician, engineer and author. He was president of the West Bengal state unit of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) from 2002 till 2006. He has newly been appointed as the Governor of Tripura.

a) Tathagata Roy
b) Ram Naik
c) Krishna Kant
d) Keshari Nath

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Answer a) Tathagata roy

2. Name the governor of Utar-Pradesh
a) Ram Naik
b) Aziz Qureshi
c) Govinda Ahuja
d) Anoopchand shah

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Answer a) Ram naik

3. Name Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry who  was a former Commander in Chief of Southern Command of Indian Army.

a) A.K. Singh
b) Bhoopinder Singh
c) Virendra kataria
d) None

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Answer a) A.K. Singh

4. Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa or J. P. Rajkhowa (born 1944) is the former Chief Secretary of Assam, a state in north-eastern part of India. He is a retired Indian Administrative Service (I.A.S) Officer.He is Governor of which state?

a) Assam
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Mizoram
d) Karnataka

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Answer b) Arunachal Pradesh

5.Ram Nath Kovind is a currently Governor of which state? He belong to a koli family. He is a former President of the BJP Dalit Morcha(1998-2002) and President of the All-India Koli Samaj. He also served as national spokesperson of the party.

a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Bihar
c) Jammu Kashmir
d) Maharashtra

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Answer b) Bihar

6. Books in Hindi namely Rashtriya Suraksha Ke Morche Par is written by Governor of  Gujarat. Who is Governor of Gujrat among the following options.
a) Om Prakash Kohli
b) Mridula Sinha
c) Ram Nath Kovind
d) Balramji Das Tandon

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Answer a) Om Prakash Kohli

7. Who is the governor of Indian state of Rajasthan. He has served two terms as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and was appointed Governor of Rajasthan on 26 August 2014.

a) Kalyan Singh
b) Margaret Alva
c) Urmila Singh
d) Acharya Dev Vrat

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Answer a) Kalyan singh

8. Ekkadu Srinivasan Lakshmi Narasimhan (born 1945) is an Indian political figure who has been the Governor of Andhra Pradesh since December 2009. Previously he was Director of the Intelligence Bureau until 2006 and then Governor of Chhattisgarh from 2007 to 2010. Currently he is the Governor of which state?

a) Telangana
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Rajasthan
d) Gujarat

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Answer a) Telangana

9. Najeeb Jung (born 18 January 1951) is the 20th and current Lieutenant Governor of which state? He was the 13th Vice-Chancellor of the Jamia Millia Islamia, a central university in Delhi, from 2009 to 2013.

a) Delhi
b) Utar Pradesh
c) Rajasthan
d) Bihar

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Answer a) Delhi

10. He is an Indian Politician and the present Governor of West Bengal . He is a Veteran BJP leader. Earlier, he was the speaker of Uttar Pradesh legislative assembly and the president of Uttar Pradesh unit of Bharatiya Janata Party.
a) Keshari Nath Tripathi
b) D. Y. Patil
c) Ram Nath Kovind
d) V. Shanmuganathan

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Answer a) Keshari Nath Tripathi

11. Lt. Gen Nirbhay Sharma is the Governor of
a) Mizoram
b) Punjab
c) West Bengal
d) Assam

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Answer a) Mizoram