GK Quiz – 188 (Indian Economy)

GK Quiz on Indian Economy

1. The Operation Flood is associated with
a) Disaster Management
b) Kargil War
c) Dairy Development
d) Women Empowerment

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Answer c) Dairy Development. Dr Verghese Kurien is the Father of Operation Flood. The Operation (White Revolution) was started by National Dairy Development Board in 1970.

2. The Herrod Domar Model was the base of which of the following Five Year Plans?
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth

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Answer a) First. The objective of the plan was to start process of balanced development of economy. Agriculture was on top priority in this plan.

3. Faster, Sustainable, and More Inclusive Growth is the objective of
a) Tenth Five Year Plan
b) Eleventh Five Year Plan
c) Twelfth Five Year Plan
d) Thirteenth Five Year Plan

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Answer c) Twelfth Five Year Plan. The Target is 9% average growth of GDP over the plan period (2012-17).

4. The Swajaldhara Yojana is associated with
a) Education for Children below poverty line
c) Food Security to the poor
c) Ensure drinking water supply
d) To ensure road facility to all villages

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Answer c) Ensure drinking water supply.

5. Who was the First Chairman of Disinvestment Commission?
a) GV Ramakrishna
b) B Ramamoorthy
c) K Subramanyam
d) SK Karthi Subramaniyam

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Answer a) GV Ramakrishna.

6. The Oldest Stock Exchange in India is
a) Dollex
b) NSE-50
c) BSE
d) NSE

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Answer c) BSE. Bombay Stock Exchange founded in 1875.

7. The main function of ______ Bank is to provide finance to large and medium scale industrial units.

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Answer b) IDBI. IDBI was established in 1964.

8. Which of the following is not a Direct Tax?
a) Sales Tax
b) Income Tax
b) Property Tax
d) Gift Tax

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Answer a) Sales Tax.

9. In which year FERA was replaced by FEMA?
a) 1991
b) 1992
c) 1993
d) 1994

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Answer c) 1993. FERA – Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. FEMA – Foreign Exchange Management Act.

10. “If not limited in quantity; bad money derives good money out of circulation.” This is
a) Hane’s Law
b) Simon’s Law
c) Gendrick’s Law
d) Greshan’s Law

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Answer d) Greshan’s Law

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