Facebook unveils `dislike’ button, in form of 6 emojis

Facebook has finally unveiled a “dislike“ button -in the form of six new emoji, each representing their own feeling. They are in the form of emojis that represent “Love,“ “Haha,“ “Yay ,“ “Wow,“ “Sad“ and “Angry .“ The site will start rolling out the feature in Spain and Ireland, as a test. The countries have been chosen because they’re relatively closed groups.

 The new buttons sit alongside the regular thumbs up as extra options. As with the Like button, the reactions will appear on any post in the news feed on mobile or desktop.

About Facebook:

  • Facebook is an online social networking service.
  • Headquarter: California.
  • Launched: February 4, 2004
  • Founders:
    •  Mark Zuckerberg
    • Eduardo Saverin
    • Andrew McCollum
    • Dustin Moskovitz
    • Chris Hughes
  • Chairman and CEO:Mark Zuckerberg
  • Some facts:
    •  Al Pacino was thefirst “face” on Facebook.
    • Facebook trackswhich sites you visit, even AFTER you havesigned out.
    • Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009.
    • You can’t blockMark Zuckerberg on Facebook.
    • Facebook earns an average of US$5.85 from every U.S. user.
    • Facebook’s founder MarkZuckerberg donated US$1 billion to charity in 2013, making him the biggest charitable donor in the U.S.
    • Facebook has a featurethat lets you designatewho will manage your account after you die.