English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 192

1.NDA should desist from_______people into annuity products. If there are not many______, it is on account of their quality.
a) pushing, takers
b) abeyant, ontinual,
c) dormant, permanent
d) immobile, desperate

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Answer a) pushing, takers

2.This socio-cultural experiment has led to__________questions and few answers; that is what keeps it__________, We continue to seek direction.
a) small, life
b) numerous, alive
c) lacking, animate
d) little, deceased

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Answer b) numerous, alive

3.Public-private partnership works best when it is based on an open and transparent arrangement, with a__________assignment of risks, backed by an_________dispute-resolution mechanism.
a) lucid, impotent
b) explicit, weak
c) clear, effective
d) definite, useless

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Answer c) clear, effective

4.If the goal is to create a_______society, why should such a welfarist approach be______only to the relatively better off – do the poor not need pensions as well?
a) engaged, unaffixed
b) pensioned, applied
c) pointed, appendant
d) employed, affixed

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Answer b) pensioned, applied

5.Even more gravely, neither the Central nor the state government is serious about__________out the National Food Security Act that should lawfully have_________a year and a quarter ago.
a) fight, Prohibit
b) disagree, Tight
c) clash, Ban
d) rolling, commenced

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Answer d) rolling, commenced

6.While this consideration is perhaps_______acceptable, the Indian intelligentsia does not obviously_______in its truth.
a) specially, trust
b) abstractly, believe
c) ideologically, care
d) logically, listen

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Answer b) abstractly, believe

7.The________weather in 2015 does not hold out much________for 2015-16.
a) erratic, promise
b) regular, agree
c) reliable, ensure
d) steady, commit

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Answer a) erratic, promise

8.A strong recovery is possible in 2016 with growth rate exceeding 7.5 per cent but that is_________on private investment, particularly private corporate investment, showing________improvement.
a) unconditional, minor
b) contingent, substantial
c) sure, insignificant
d) truthful, little

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Answer b) contingent, substantial

9.An airplane with_______passengers on board made an unscheduled_______as the airport to which it was heading was covered with thick fog.
a) irritable, slip
b) faulty, stop
c) variety, halt
d) tons, wait

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Answer c) variety, halt

10.To give the defence sector the desired______________ currently the focus seems to be one____________ of technology and joint manufacture.
a) assault, entrance
b) thrust, institution
c) push, induction
d) drive, inauguration

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Answer c) push, induction