English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 181

1.The government_________revenues through dividends and profits, while on the other it would need to provide resources through enhanced expenditure to bail out loss-making banks from a pool of resources__________from a small subset of population — taxpayers.
a) advice, created
b) strategy, dispersed
c) surpass, separated
d) foregoes, garnered

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Answerd) foregoes, garnered

2.The_________is on bringing in more Ministers to give an edge to the Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat Assembly election campaigns in the months ahead, and careful arithmetic in________Dalit, OBC and tribal leaders is evident.
a) unimportance, depredation
b) anguish, expelling
c) upheld, rejecting
d) emphasis, inducting

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Answerd) emphasis, inducting

3.The opinions of some legal experts that now the_______ of the Election Commission on the disqualification is just a formality added_______ to their mill.
a) decision, grist
b) deferment, breakable
c) deferral, dainty
d) delay, delicate

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Answera) decision, grist

4.Lowering the barricades against experts from academia and the private sector means more__________, bold and___________solutions.
a) abash,alarm, inactive
b) nimble, proactive
c) afflict, retroactive
d) appall, pragmatic

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Answerb) nimble, proactive

5.An RSS-affiliated think tank has_________ that Pakistan is “not a state” but a “state of mind” and urged Pakistan to “___________her cultural and civilisational roots”.
a) probable, scum
b) resumed, scraps
c) asserted, reexamine
d) assured, residue

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Answerc) asserted, reexamine

6.There are two ways in which the context¬________ in a newspaper story. In stand-alone stories, the context is woven into the text and in evolving stories, a series of follow-up articles provide the framework, background, and _________ to the story.
a) fades, relation
b) emerges,perspective
c) disappears, scene
d) appears,conclusive

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Answerb) emerges,perspective

7.As Pakistan discovered Faiz in his death, and mourners turned from a ______ to a flood, politicians too thought it ________ time to seen walking in Faiz’s mile-long funeral procession.
a) breeze,unsuitable
b) percolate, inopportune
c) dribble,auspicious
d) trickle, opportune

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Answerd) trickle, opportune

8.Their views and suggestions, extending to criticism of government_______, would have provided valuable inputs for dealing with a crisis that calls for both_______and long-term responses.
a) measures, immediate
b) frustrate, eventually
c) refuse, later
d) regret, sometimes

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Answera) measures, immediate

9.There has also been substantial competition from domestic players in the aggregator market, allaying fears about_______operations by________players. Some regulations of course are both necessary and welcome.
a) joint-ownership, local
b) distribution, confined
c) monopoly , multinational
d) sharing, particular

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Answerc) monopoly , multinational

10.In the last decade, much was written about the_______ use of images, the dangers of digitally manipulating pictures, and mindless cropping that ________ the context of the image.
a) moralistic,remains
b) ethical, alters
c) immoral, changes
d) improper, holds

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Answerb) ethical, alters