English Quiz – set 103

1. The protests were __________ at ________ awareness among the elite and the educated.
a) held, generating
b) aimed, creating
c) targeted, awakening
d) focused, building
e) concentrated, building

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Answer b) aimed, creating

2. While it is ________ possible to inflation-index cash entitlements and food stamps, the ________ nature of food prices would make it a more difficult process than envisaged.
a) theoretically, volatile
b) absolutely, stable
c) hypothetically, slow
d) not, unpredictable
e) notionally, established

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Answer d) not, unpredictable

3. The actress is _______ that she has not only acted opposite her childhood hero, but has also __________ out a song and recited a poem on stage with the living legend.
a) overjoyed, belted
b) morose, sung
c) ecstatic, written
d) tense, prepared
e) elated, made

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Answer e) elated, made

4. _____________ to popular belief that red meat makes humans __________ scientists have found that it actually has a claiming effect.
a) Dissimilar, happy
b) Opposite, intelligent
c) Contrary, aggressive
d) Comparable, hostile
e) Sticking, violent

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Answer c) Contrary, aggressive

5. __________ an earlier judgment, the high court has directed the state government to identify natural water resources in the state and _____ all illegal encroachments on them.
a) Remembering, establish
b) Citing, remove
c) Cancelling, build
d) Quoting, destroying
e) Furthering, maintain

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Answer b) Citing, remove

6. The actress, who was in the city for the press conference of her dance reality show, says she chose the show because of her “passionate for dance”.
a) being passion in dance
b) passionate for dancing
c) being passionate in dancing
d) passion for dance
e) No correction required

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Answer d) passion for dance. Here, a Noun should be used. Hence, passion(Noun) for dance should be used

7. “Despite of” several representations and reminders, the district administration had not taken any action to stem the systematic encroachment of water bodies.
a) Because of
b) Despite
c) Although
d) In spite
e) No correction required

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Answer b) Despite. Here, Despite should be used as despite = In spite of

8. While it is well-known that there are large-scale leakages from the public distribution system across the country, there are many states which have “manage successful reform” the public distribution system and deliver food grain to the poor.
a) managed to successfully reform
b) managed successful reforms
c) managing successfully to reform
d) managed for successfully reforming

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Answer a) managed to successfully reform. Here, infinitive should be used. Hence, managed to successfully reform should be used.

9. The four-day workshop is being conducted “for gear up” administration to the changes that will follow with the implementation of the Right to Compulsory and Free Education Act 2009.
a) so geared up
b) to gear up
c) for geared up
d) to gearing up
e) No correction required

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Answer b) to gear up. Here infinitive i.e., to gear up should be used.

10. The court refused to “provide relieve” to the petitioner and stated that playing of all diesel vehicles was banned with immediate effect.
a) provision of relief
b) providing of relieve
c) provide any relief
d) provide relieving
e) No correction required

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Answer c) provide any relief. Here, provide any relief (Noun) should be used.

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