English Quiz for IPPB |IBPS – Set 233

1.Our public distribution system, however flawed and corrupt, it still a ____ for the ____ of millions across the country.
a) necessity, growth
b) demand, livelihood
c) system, welfare
d) lifeline, survival

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Answer d) lifeline, survival

2.Private schools do their bit to _____ the right values among students and _____ them to the needs of the underprivileged.
a) encourage, shift
b) focus, generate
c) inculcate, sensitise
d) harness, inspiring

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Answer c) inculcate, sensitise

3.Autonomy in investigation and prosecution would______________ judicial disposals and restore _______________ in the rule of law.
a) expedite, credibility
b) energise, autonomy
c) empower, faith
d) supervise, speed

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Answer a) expedite, credibility

4.This approach would _____________ the enormous illiteracy problem to be __________________in a holistic manner.
a) drive, controlled
b) enable, tackled
c) contain, settled
d) manage, defined

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Answer b) enable, tackled

5.Adding to a growing body of research ________ cutting back on sweetened beverages it is now found that drinking_______ sugary drinks may help lower blood pressure.
a) sustaining, increased
b) against, lesser
c) behind, more
d) supporting, fewer

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Answer d) supporting, fewer

6.There can be no denying the fact that in sports, star coaches have_____ the to get something extra out of their_____.
a) apprehension, work
b) ability, teams
c) fear, member
d) capability, house

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Answer b) ability, teams

7.Most of the countries have come forward to ____ the ____ operations being carried in the earthquake affected areas.
a) fund, rescue
b) reserve, giant
c) endow, recent
d) debt, current

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Answer a) fund, rescue

8.Reasonable opportunity ________ be given to the CEO of SAHARA group to explain his position in cases ________failure to meet the expectation of the board of directors.
a) Should, involving
b) Shall, Involving
c) Could, including
d) Would, including

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Answer a) Should, involving

9.While India’s Internet_____________is still only twenty four per cent, the country already has the second largest number of Internet users after China with 300 million people__________the Net.
a) expansion, watching
b) performance, leaving
c) speed, reaching
d) penetration, accessing

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Answer d) penetration, accessing

10.________ of poverty from a nation that is set to become the fastest growing economy in the world is by no ________ easy.
a) Dealing, effect
b) Management, concern
c) Eradication, means
d) Uprooting, method

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Answer c) Eradication, means