Daily Editorial Cloze Test Quiz – 61

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

The Union government’s position that it ________(1)__________Rohingya refugees from Myanmar’s Rakhine state as a potential security threat is a disturbing attempt to paint the persecuted community in a poor light so that it could justify their deportation in future. While some degree of caution is necessary in dealing with any unusual flow of refugees from a conflict-hit region, the imputation of collective motivation to the Rohingya refugees in the country, estimated to number about 40,000, is heartless. The Centre’s affidavit in the Supreme Court contains self-serving arguments: that providing for refugees from out of the country’s limited resources _______(2)________an adverse impact on its citizens, as they would be deprived of their legitimate share in employment, housing, educational and medical facilities; that there is growing stridency in Rohingya militancy; and that Buddhist citizens _____(3)______threat of violence from the refugees. Whether or not these assertions are based on facts, they disregard the wider context. Myanmar _______(4)_______to accept most Rohingya as its citizens, rendering them stateless, and hundreds of thousands have fled to Bangladesh in just the past few weeks. The intention to deport them by itself constitutes an unusual abandonment of humanitarian principles, as India has an exemplary record in taking care of refugees from many countries since Independence. India is not a signatory to the UN Convention on Refugees, 1951, but it has so far adhered to its normative standards. It has played host to refugees of all hues, and stood by the principle of non-refoulement, under _______(5)________refugees cannot be forced to return to conditions of danger.

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

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