Current Affairs Quiz – July 04 & 05 2018

Current Affairs Quiz – July 04 & 05 2018

1. Which country defeated Belgium to win Quidditch World Cup for third time?
a) India
b) Malaysia
c) U.S.A.
d) Thailand

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Answer. c) U.S.A. The US defeated Belgium in the fourth Quidditch World Cup’s final to clinch their third title. As many as 29 countries competed in the 2018 Quidditch World Cup, which is based on the game mentioned in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books. Two teams of seven players run around with broomsticks between their legs and engage in a full-contact contest.
2. Which country aims to add 40 million WiFi users in India by 2019?
a) Microsoft
b) Google
c) HCL
d) Infosys
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Answer. b) google. Google’s public WiFi project aims to capture 40 million new users in India by 2019, a company executive has said. It will result in around $20 billion being added to India’s GDP, according to Google and research firm Analysys Mason’s study. They also revealed over 100 million users will spend an extra $3 billion annually on mobile broadband and handsets.
3. In which country Russia will build two nuclear power units?
a) China
b) India
c) Pakistan
d) Afghanistan
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Answer. a) china. Russia will build two nuclear power units in China which are expected to be operational by 2026 and 2027 respectively. Russia’s state nuclear power corporation Rosatom and China’s National Energy Administration signed a deal to build the two 1,200-megawatt units at the Tianwan nuclear power plant. Russia has built 35 nuclear power units around the world under intergovernmental agreements.
4. In which country World’s first digital art museum opened?
a) USA
b) Russia
c) Japan
d) UAE
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Answer. c) japan. The world’s first all-digital art museum has opened at the MORI Building Digital Art Museum in Japan’s Tokyo. It features around 50 kaleidoscopic installations triggered by motion sensors, which are projected across every surface of the 100,000-square-foot exhibit space with the help of lights. The museum appears to be a set of halls with black walls without the lights.
5. Who is the sports minister of India?
a) Nitin gadkari
b) Rajwardhan Singh
c) Piyush Goel
d) Prakash Javdekar
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Answer. b) rajwardhan singh rathore. Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore has revealed the name of Sports Authority of India will be changed to Sports India. Rathore added the body will be made leaner as “some posts won’t be retained after officers on them retire”. He further said that daily expenses of food for athletes will be raised and a committee for it is being formed.
6. Who won the National Maritime Search and Rescue Award?
a) Milan Shankar Tare
b) Sachin Singh
c) Piyush Singh Chauhan
d) Shiv Shankar das
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Answer. a) milan Shankar Tare. A fisherman from Maharashtra will receive National Maritime Search and Rescue Award for saving 12 fishermen whose boat had capsized. Milan Shankar Tare was fishing off Satpati coast at night when he heard cries for help and noticed that the navigational lights visible from a boat earlier were missing. He immediately started moving in that direction and raised an alarm.
7. To which country’s bank RBI issued licence for operation in India?
a) Russia
b) USA
c) Bangladesh[/su_spoiler] d) China
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Answer. d) china. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has reportedly issued a licence to Bank of China to operate in India. The decision was reportedly based on the commitment made by PM Narendra Modi to Chinese leadership during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit. Bank of China is one of China’s four major state-owned banks and has a market capitalisation of $153 billion
8. Which species embryo was created for 1st time to save nearly extinct species?
a) Rhino
b) Tiger
c) Bird
d) Fish
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Answer. a) rhino. Researchers have created the world’s first rhino embryos in a test tube to save near-extinct northern white rhinos, which has only two females alive globally. For this, the team fertilised southern white rhinos’ eggs with dead northern white rhinos’ sperm. Researchers also plan to use this process on last two northern white females to produce pure northern white rhino embryos.
9. Which telecom provider launched its fiber broadband technology?
a) Airtel
b) Jio
c) Idea
d) Bsnl
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Answer. b) jio. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani has launched JioGigaFiber fixed-line broadband services at the company’s 41st Annual General Meeting. JioGigaFiber will be extended to homes, merchants, and small and medium enterprises across 1,100 cities. Ambani said the service would provide Ultra HD entertainment on TV, voice-activated assistance, VR gaming as well as smart home solutions.
10. In which state India’s 1st taxi ambulance service flagged off?
a) Gujrat
b) Maharashtra
c) Delhi
d) Kerala
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Answer. c) delhi. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari flagged off India’s first taxi ambulance services in Delhi, a service by a Gurugram-based startup Wagon Cab. The cabs are equipped with medical supplies and medically trained drivers. The drivers will approach accident victims as soon as they are notified and will get an additional ₹500 for every victim that they tend to.
11. Which of the following species are there in Recovery Programme for Critically Endangered Species?
a) Northern River Terrapin (riverine turtle)
b) Red Panda
c) Clouded Leopard
d) All of these
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Answer. d) The National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) has given its nod to include four diverse species — Northern River Terrapin (riverine turtle), Red Panda, Clouded Leopard and Arabian Sea Humpback Whale — in the recovery programme for critically endangered species. This decision will lead to targeted conservation of these species whose population is on the decline. They fall in the critically endangered to vulnerable categories as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
The species recovery programme of the Union Environment Ministry is implemented under Integrated Development of Wildlife Habitats — a centrally sponsored umbrella scheme for management and conservation of parks, wildlife habitats and conservation.
12. Who will inaugurate the India’s First Global Mobility Summit?
a) Ram Nath Kovind
b) Narendra Modi
c) Venkaia naidu
d) Rajnath Singh
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Answer. b) Narendra Modi. Government think tank Niti Aayog will hold on September 7-8 here the India’s first ‘Global Mobility Summit’, to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The summit will help drive government’s goal for vehicle electrification, renewable energy integration and job growth and also speed up India’s transition to a clean energy economy.
‘MOVE: Global Mobility Summit’ will be organised in collaboration with various ministries and industry partners.
Over 1,200 participants from across the world including government leadership, industry leaders, think tank and civil society organisations are likely to attend the summit.
13. cVigil is an app by?
a) CBI
b) CID
c) NSG
d) Election commission
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Answer. d) E.C. “cVIGIL” will allow anyone in the election-bound state to report violations of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) that comes into effect from the date of announcement of elections and goes on till a day after the polls. By using this app, citizens can immediately report on incidents of misconduct within minutes of having witnessed them and without having to rush to the office of the returning officer to lodge a complaint.
14. Which company will launch fully self-driving buses in Japan?
a) Baidu
b) Google
c) Xiomi
d) Lenovo
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Answer. a) baidu. Chinese technology giant Baidu has partnered with Softbank’s public-transportation subsidiary SB Drive to launch a self-driving bus service in Japan next year. Baidu is also working with Chinese automaker King Long to build the buses and has made 100 of them so far. The buses, which can seat 14 passengers, will come without a driver’s seat or a steering wheel.

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