Current Affairs Quiz – January 21′ 2017

1._______village at nearby Wada taluka in Thane district has been conferred the United Nations award for taking innovative measures of ’sustainable tourism’ in country.
b)ISKCON’s Govardhan eco village
d) Mokhada

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Answer b)ISKCON’s Govardhan eco village.
This is for the first time India has won such recognition from the UN in the NGO sector. The award was presented at the annual United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism at Madrid in Spain.

2.Who has been appointed as US Secretary of Defence?
a)James Mattis
b)Mike Pence
c)Ashton Carter
d)Chuck Hagel.

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Answer a)James Mattis.
The Senate confirmed the appointment of retired general James Mattis as secretary of defense making him the first member of Donald Trump’s cabinet cleared to take office.

3.______becomes the 48th Vice President of USA.
a)Joe Biden
b)George H. W. Bush
c)Mike Pence
d)Dick Cheney.

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Answer c)Mike Pence

4.Which Indian has been appointed as the member of the FIFA’s finance committee?
a)Praful Patel
b)Stephen Constantine
c)Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
d)Sunil Chhetri .

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Answer a)Praful Patel

5.which Ministry has constituted a negotiations committee to assess availability and utilisation of waters of Mahanadi and its tributaries?
a)Ministry of Power
b)External Affairs
c)Home Affairs
d)Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation

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Answer d)Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation.

6.India’s biggest aircraft carrier ship__________ is set to make history by the becoming the nation’s first warship to have an ATM onboard the vessel via satellite.
a)INS Arihant
b)INS Vikramaditya
c)INS Tihayu
d)INS Aditya

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Answer b)INS Vikramaditya
The ATM belonging to the State Bank of India (SBI) will be operated through satellite link and the services. The warship carries around 1500 naval personnel onboard at a time, which often increased to 2000 when the ship sets sail, which is why the ATM comes as a live saver to the personnel.

7.______is the name of the new Index to be developed by NITI Aayog together with World Economic Forum for measuring the innovation performance of the Indian states?
a)India Innovation Index
b)India Innovative Index
c)Indian Innovation Index
d)India’s Innovation Index

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Answer a)India Innovation Index
The World Economic Forum, NITI Aayog, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the Cornell University will work together to develop an India Innovation Index that will provide impetus to Indian states to drive the innovative spirit.

8.Corps Commander Conference starts in ________?

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Answer a)Dehradun

9.which state government will launch a ‘nasha mukt’ (addiction-free) state campaign, after formation of human chain across the state.
b)uttar pradesh
c)Madhya pradesh

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Answer a)Bihar

10.The World Economic Forum and the UCSB’s Marine Science Institute have announced a partnership to improve health of world’s oceans and maritime resources. The new partnership aims to protect world’s_______ ocean economy.
a)USD 4.5 trillion
b)USD 2.5 trillion
c)USD 0.5 trillion
d)USD 1.5 trillion

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Answer b)USD 2.5 trillion

11.INDIA and______held the first meeting of their strategic dialogue in an attempt to finalise the cooperation agreement.
a)INDIA and US
b)INDIA and UK
d)INDIA and EU

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Answer c)INDIA and UAE

12.Union Minister of MSME, has inaugurated Workshop on MSME Cooperation amongst Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Member countries. who is the Union Minister of MSME.
a)Arun Jaitley
b)Manohar Parrikar
c)Prakash Javadekar
d)Shri Kalraj Mishra

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Answer d) Shri Kalraj Mishra.
This workshop will strengthen economic relationship amongst the member countries in the field of trade and investment facilitation especially in MSME sector. India has Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with 18 countries for cooperation in MSME sector.