Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 21 & 22 2022

Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 21 & 22 2022

Current Affairs Daily Digest – January 21 & 22 2022. Read and Download daily, monthly Current Affairs Daily Digest 2022 for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, IBPS, SBI etc,. Download month wise Current affairs 2021 PDF and Current affairs quiz PDF .

Latest Current Affairs

1. New Species Of Rainfrog Named After Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist, has been named after a new species of rain frog discovered in the Panamanian jungle. Pristimantis gretathunbergae, or the Greta Thunberg Rainfrog, is the scientific name for this species. The frog was discovered in 2012 and was thought to be a member of the already classified Pristimantis family. The frog was discovered at a reserve set up by the conservation organization AdoptaBosque with the help of Rainforest Trust.

2. First Milk Village Of J&K – Jerri Hamlet

Jerri settlement in Reasi district was designated as the Union Territory’s first ‘Milk Village,’ with 57 additional dairy farms sanctioned under the Integrated Dairy Development Scheme (IDDS) for the hamlet. Milking machine, bulk milk cooling unit at 50% subsidy (maximum Rs 5 lakh), paneer making machine, khoya making machine. Was included in the scheme.

3. The 44th Kokborok Day

Kokborok Day, also known as Tripuri Language Day, is observed annually on January 19th throughout the Indian state of Tripura with the goal of developing the Kokborok language. The day commemorates the first formal status of Kokborok as a language in 1979. The 44th Kokborok Day will be observed on January 19, 2022. Tripura’s official language, Kokborok, is also known as Tripuri or Tiprakok. The state government of Tripura, India, declared Kokborok, along with Bengali and English, an official language in 1979.

4. Saturnino de la Fuente, Passes Away

Saturnino de la Fuente Garca (Spain), the Guinness World Records bearer for the oldest living person (male), died unexpectedly at 112 years and 341 days. He was born February 11, 1909, in the León neighborhood of Puente Castro, Spain. He had survived the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic and also observed the 1936 Spanish Civil War, which he avoided due to his small stature.

5. Amar Jawan Jyoti Merged With National War Memorial Flame

The flame of the Amar Jawan Jyoti at Delhi’s India Gate will be merged with the flame of the adjacent National War Memorial on January 21, 2022, forward with Republic Day. The decision to merge the two flames was made with the knowledge that the flame at Amar Jawan Jyoti paid tribute to the martyrs of 1971, but none of their identities are present there, whereas the names of all Indian martyrs from all wars, such as 1971 and wars before and after it, are housed at the National War Memorial.

6. IEA: Electricity Market Report

The International Energy Agency (IEA) published the bi-annual Electricity Market Report in early 2022. According to the report, countries are increasingly turning to fossil fuels to meet rising electricity demand as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease. In 2021, global electricity demand is expected to rise by 6% year on year. It was the IEA’s steepest year-on-year increase since the 2008 financial crash. Year on year, global energy intensity fell by 1.9 percent. This drop was only half of what was needed to lay the groundwork for net-zero energy by 2050. Renewable electricity generation will increase by 6% year on year in 2021. Coal-fired power generation has increased by 9%.

7. Digital Government Mission

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology established the Digital Government Mission. The mission will provide citizens with government services. The services will be delivered using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It incorporates automated processes. For example, a student applying for a scholarship will receive an alert directly from the relevant department.

He or she is not required to inquire. It also makes food grains available to the public through the public distribution system. It includes driver license renewals as well as reminders to renew government-issued documents. The mission seeks to provide benefits to citizens before they inquire about a scheme or subsidiary.

8. India-Israel Industrial R&D & Technological Innovation Fund

During their eighth ruling body meeting, India and Israel recently expanded the I4F. The India-Israel Industrial Research and Development Technological Innovation Fund (I4F) is a joint fund for industrial research and development in India and Israel. The fund’s size has now been increased to 5.5 million USD.

9. Russia Ban Cryptocurrencies

The Russian central bank proposed cracking down on cryptocurrencies on 20 January. This proposal was made in response to Russian authorities’ long-standing criticism of cryptocurrencies, which can be used for illegal purposes. Regulators have also been requested by authorities. The Bank of Russia has called for the ban on cryptocurrency payments to be strengthened, as well as the prohibition on cryptocurrency mining and the tightening of laws governing virtual currency trading. In Russia, officials granted cryptocurrencies legal status in 2020. Their use in payments, however, was never authorized.

10. India: First UNDP Youth Climate Champion

Prajakta Koli, a content creator, and artist has been named India’s first UNDP Youth Climate Champion. Her title was bestowed to her in recognition of her contributions to mental health, female child education, and women’s rights through different international social movements.

Prajakta Koli, better known by her YouTube channel “Mostlysane,” is an Indian YouTuber and actress. She creates comedic videos, focusing on observational comedy in everyday circumstances. Prajakta Koli has previously spoken out against body shaming and online bullying with her song “Shameless” as part of her campaign #iPledgeToBeMe.

11. Antimicrobial Resistance Study

According to the study, antimicrobial resistance affected more than 1.27 million individuals worldwide in 2019. This is higher than the number of people who died from malaria or HIV. Antimicrobial resistance is particularly prevalent in low and middle-income nations. Antimicrobial resistance was responsible for 1.27 million of the world’s 4.95 million fatalities in 2019. Malaria claimed the lives of 640,000 people. AIDS claimed the lives of 860,000 people. The researchers looked at 23 distinct types of bacteria that cause sickness. Only six of these caused 3.57 million deaths. Antibiotics, which are used as the first line of defense, failed in 70% of the cases, resulting in death.

Anti–Microbial Resistance is a condition wherein the disease-causing microbes such as bacteria, the virus becomes resistant to drugs. The drugs and antibiotics taken are no longer killing them. The microbial resistances are life-threatening.

12. Home Minister Amit Shah to release District Governance Index

The Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah on January 22, 2022, will release the District Good Governance Index for 20 Districts of Jammu and Kashmir. The latest move will make Jammu and Kashmir the first Union Territory in the country to have a Good Governance Index. The Good Governance Index of Jammu and Kashmir was prepared by DARPG in collaboration with J&K Government.

13. Statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to be installed at India Gate

Prime Minister Modi has announced that a statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose will be installed at India Gate. The Prime Minister via Twitter said that at a time when the country is marking the 125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, his statue will be installed at India Gate. He also informed that till the time the grand statue of Netaji is completed, a hologram statue of the freedom fighter will be inaugurated on January 23, 2022.

14. Government blocks social media accounts for spreading misinformation

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has blocked 2 Twitter accounts, 35 Youtube Channels, 2 Instagram Accounts, 2 websites, and a Facebook account for spreading misinformation. As per the Joint Secretary, the common factor between all these accounts is that they operate from Pakistan and spread fake anti-India news. The blocked accounts by the government have contents on Kashmir, Indian Arm Forces, India’s Foreign relations as well as the death of former CDS Bipin Rawat. The blocked social media accounts had over 1.2 crore subscribers with a viewership of 120 crores.