General Knowledge Quiz – Set Seventy

1. Age of fishes is
a) Ordovician
b) Jurassic
c) Cretaceous
d) Devonian

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Answer d) Devonian

2. Which of the following river originates and ends in India
a) Kaveri
b) Brahmaputra
c) Rabi
d) Beas

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Answer a) Kaveri

3. The average salinity of oceans is
a) 3.5 mg per Lt
b) 3.5 g per Lt
c) 1.5 mg per Lt
d) 1.0 mg per Lt

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Answer b) 3.5 g per Lt

4. Puga valley in Ladakh is famous for
a) Hydroelectric power plant
b) Photovolataic power palnt
c) Wind energy
d) Geothermal wells

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Answer d) Geothermal wells

5. Erg is the CGS unit of
a) Chemical energy
b) Thermal energy
c) Mechanical energy
d) Electrical  energy

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Answer c) Mechanical energy

6. Once installed the cheapest source of electricity is
a) Hydrelectricity
b) Photovoltaic Unit
d) Geothermal Well

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Answer b) Photovolataic unit

7. The biggest sources of world’s primary energy is
a) Fossils Fuels
b) Hydropower
c) Nuclear Power
d) Coal

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Answer a) Fossils Fuels

8. In India, Which sector uses the highest amount of coal produced
a) Metallurgical purposes
b) Electricity generation
c) Domestic use
d) Chemical Industry

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Answer b) Electricity generation

9. Which country gets about 80% its energy from nuclear power?
a) Japan
b) Germany
c) France
d) USA

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Answer c) France

10. In 1966 the first major tide based power plant was constructed in which city
a) India
b) France
c) Germany
d) USA

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Answer b) France

11. India has huge resources of which nuclear materials
a) Uranium
b) Thorium
c) Plutonium
d) Deuterium

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Answer b) Thorium

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