Chennai gets India’s first self-cleaning smart toilets

A total of 180 self-cleaning public eToilets have been installed in Chennai. These Toilets are free for public use. Each toilet automatically cleans itself before entry and after use and sensors enable consumption of less water and power with each use. Around 40 toilets come equipped with a sanitary napkin generator. Notably, these toilets can be located through an Android app called eToilet.

Spread over 35 square feet, each automatic unmanned toilet cleans itself before entry and after use. They come equipped with sensors for exhaust fan and light to ensure that they consume less water and power than conventional toilets. The toilets are programmed to flush with only 1.5 litres of water after 3 minutes of use, and with 4.5 litres if the usage period is longer. It also washes the floor automatically after five or ten rounds.

While the cost of each toilet is approximately Rs 4,50,000 ($6,630) they are completely free to use. Around 40 of the 183 toilets in the city are for women, and have a sanitary napkin generator and an incinerator. In addition, five toilets have been built for the differently-abled.

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Internet for every home launched in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu government has launched internet services to every household through the state-owned Arasu Cable TV Corporation. Each household can get the services of broadband available in various packages, priced between Rs. 299 and Rs. 899 every month, inclusive of service tax.

The government-run BSNL, private telecom player Bharti Airtel, Bengaluru-based ACT Net along with other local players offer internet services to both residential and commercial establishments in the state currently.

The chief minister also declared open the start-up warehouse of Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV set up at a cost of Rs. 3.53 crore and cloud computing facility at Rs. 10.41 crore.

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