Beauty of the exams

Beauty and Exam, Aren’t they two different words? or two different worlds? Well, this is our misconception. Exams carry a beauty, may be subtle but they do. So, before I go ahead explaining you how and why? I want you to break the myth and accept the the sweetest truth- Exams are beautiful.

Being an average student in school, I hated giving exams and whenever I came out of the classroom, beauty always faded from my face. But, gradually when I grew up, I realised life in itself is an exam. Isn’t it beautiful? IT IS.

As I was growing up, I heard umpteenth times- Government exams are tough and UPSC is toughest. By hearing this particular statement, I became curious to these exams. So, being an avid explorer, I dissected the various exam. I was almost agreeing to the above fact but sooner I came across UPSC paper 2014. It was Prelims paper and for me, the above statement changed to- Government exams are pretty and UPSC is prettiest.

Now, you must be wondering HOW?

The beauty of these exams lies in their syllabus. Yes…yes…I know, It is vast like sea or I would rather prefer to say It is vast like life.

Don’t you make mistakes in life? Don’t you fail in life? Don’t you hurt yourself? Don’t you hurt others? Don’t you take a break from life ? Don’t you fall and get up again to build a great future ahead?…and if you will fight well, you will realise- Life is really a beautiful blessing.

Same goes with exams, at least you know the syllabus here and you actually have time to prepare yourself. There may come a time, when you will feel like giving up, when you will feel this is too much to handle, when you will feel this is not your cup of tea.

But, dear, read, read very carefully- Even if you fail in these exams, you will fail along with knowledge. Knowledge about India, other countries, World and various such thing which you have never learned if you didn’t appear for these exams.

You might fail as a student but you will always pass as a teacher. You asks, what would you do if you didn’t pass the exams? I say you can do anything, believe me anything.

Well, my friend, you can earn for yourself, for others, you can help the unprivileged students in attaining their dreams. You can make this world a more beautiful place through your knowledge. You say, you are weak in General Knowledge. Who says it? You know a lot and there is left to know a lot.

These exams give you a lot in return, you might not notice but whenever you appear for such exams, you will find yourself wiser, smarter and most importantly more knowledgeable.Exam gives you recognition, pride, smile on your parents face. Isn’t it beautiful?

Knowledge is beauty of these exams. Fall in love with this beauty and study well. Be honest. Do not cheat on exmas. Give your 100% and you will realise- Exams are Indeed Beautiful thing in the world.


Thanks for reading..:):):)

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