Ali Mohamed Shein is a new President of Zanzibar

The electoral authority of Tanzania’s semi-autonomous archipelago of Zanzibar, the ZEC, announced incumbent President Ali Mohamed Shein had won his re-election bid, after polls boycotted by the main opposition party.

Ali Mohamed Shein

  • Shein from the ruling CCM party easily won after the main opposition party, the Civic United Front or CUF, boycotted the election, protesting the ZEC’s decision to nullify the results of last October’s general election in which the opposition apparently won both the presidency and the house of representatives.
  • International observers, including the European Union and other international bodies, made clear their stand by condemning not only the election re-run, but also the nullification of the October election results.
  • International observers also did not also go to Zanzibar to observe polls, except for African Union representatives.
  • Since the multiparty system was re-introduced in the country in 1992, with the first multiparty general election in 1995, there has been no easy election for Zanzibar’s ruling CCM.
  • In some four consecutive presidential elections, Hamad claimed to be the winner, but was unrecognized as such by electoral authorities.

In 2010, the election in Zanzibar went smoothly following constitutional amendments which led to a government of national unity between the ruling CCM and the main opposition CUF, with Hamad appointed first vice president to Shain.

Side Note : In November 1962, India opened a High commission in Dar es Salaam and consulate general in Zanzibar in October 1974.