IGBC Awards ‘Platinum’ to Vijayawada Railway Station

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vijayawada station


As a result of the Vijayawada Railway Station’s dedication to environmentally sustainable methods and procedures that are beneficial to the environment, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has bestowed upon it the renowned platinum accreditation.

The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), a major certification agency in India that promotes ecologically responsible construction, has awarded upon this the highest designation that it is capable of bestowing.

The station’s previous gold certification, which was acquired in 2019, has been raised to platinum, which reflects the significant gains that have been made in a variety of elements of environmental performance. One example of these enhancements is:

  • With the installation of water-efficient fixtures and rainwater harvesting equipment, the station has been able to reduce its water use by twenty percent, so contributing to the conservation of water.
  • The installation of energy-efficient lighting systems and appliances has resulted in a fifteen percent reduction in the amount of energy that is consumed resulting from the energy efficiency.
  • Waste management: An all-encompassing waste management system has been put into place, which includes segregation, recycling, and composting. As a result, eighty percent of waste has been diverted away from landfills.
  • Green landscape: The station has implemented environmentally responsible landscaping measures, such as the utilization of native plants and rainwater collection systems, which have resulted in a thirty percent reduction in the amount of water that is extracted for irrigation purposes.

With regard to the Platinum rating

As a result of the station’s commitment to environmental stewardship and its efforts to develop a transportation hub that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable, the station has been awarded the platinum certification.

Due to the fact that Vijayawada station is just the second station within the South Central Railway (SCR) zone to acquire this distinguished classification, this accolade is also a source of pride for the SCR zone.

In the process of gaining platinum accreditation, the station has been successful, which acts as an inspiration for other railway stations.

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