Complete List of Father of Nation of Various Countries

Father of Nation of Various Countries

Father of Nation of Various Countries – Father of Nation is a prestigious title given to a person who is considered as the driving force behind a country’s establishment. His contribution to the country will be remembered for generations.

From a competitive exam point of view, the Father of a Nation of Different Countries is one of the major topics in Static General Knowledge.

Father of Nation of Various Countries


S. No Name of the Person Country Key Points
1 Ahmad Shah Durrani Afghanistan Founder of the Afghan Durrani Empire.
2 Skanderbeg Albania Albanian nobleman and military commander, who served the Ottoman Empire in 1423–43.
3  DonJosé de San Martín Argentina Primary leader of the southern part of South America’s successful struggle for independence from Spain
4 Sir Henry Parkes, GCMG Australia  Premier of New South Wales.
5 Sir Lynden Pindling The Bahamas Leader at independence in 1973.
6 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Bangladesh  Founder of Bangladesh.
7 George Cadle Price Belize Former Chief Minister, Premier, and two-term Prime Minister before retiring in 1997
8 Simón Bolívar Bolivia The primary leader of South America’s successful struggle for independence from Spain.
9 Dom Pedro I Brazil Founder and first ruler of the Empire of Brazil.
10 Omar Ali Saifuddien III  Brunei 28th Sultan of Brunei and First Minister of Defence
11 Sir John A. Macdonald Canada First Prime Minister of Canada
12 Bernardo O’Higgins Chile Primary leader of Chile’s successful struggle for independence from Spain.
13 Sun Yat-sen China He played an instrumental role in the overthrow of the Qing dynasty during the Xinhai Revolution.
14 José María Castro Madriz  Costa Rica First President of the Republic of Costa Rica
15 Ante Starčević Croatia His works laid the foundations for the modern Croatian state
16 Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Cuba Leader of the first Cuban independence movement which fought the Ten Years’ War.
17 František Palacký Czech Republic Politician and historian.
18 Juan Pablo Duarte Dominican Republic Defeated Haiti during the war of independence.
19 Kwame Nkrumah  Ghana First president and prime minister of Ghana
20 Alexander the Great Greece Founder of the Macedonian Empire
21 Cheddi Jagan  Guyana President of Guyana from 1992–1997.
22 Jean-Jacques Dessalines  Haiti Primary leader of Haiti’s successful struggle for independence from France.
23 Árpád  Hungary Second Grand Prince of the Hungarians, leader of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian basin.
24 Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi India This title was not official.
25 Sukarno Indonesia First President of Indonesia.
26 Cyrus the Great Iran (Persia)  First Shah of the Persian Empire.
27 Abraham  Israel Biological progenitor of the Jews, and the father of Judaism, the first Jew.
28 Vittorio Emanuele II di Savoia Italy  First king of a united Italy since the 6th century.
29 Alikhan Bukeikhanov  Kazakhstan Leader and founder of the Alash Orda national liberation movement.
30 Jomo Kenyatta  Kenya First President of Kenya from 1963 to his death in 1978 he helped create the Kenyan Constitution.
31 Ibrahim Rugova Kosovo First President of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo.
32 Jonas Basanavičius Lithuania
33 Krste Misirkov Macedonia  Prominent linguist, writer, and activist.
34 Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia The first Prime Minister of Malaysia.
35 Giorgio Borg Olivier Malta In 1964, with him as Prime Minister, Malta gained independence from Britain.
36 Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Mauritius First post-independence Prime Minister, in 1968.
37 Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla  Mexico First revolutionary leader in the Mexican War of Independence.
38 Aung San Myanmar Assassinated on 19 July 1947, before the independence of Burma.
39 Sam Nujoma Namibia First President of Namibia, 1990–2005; title conferred by Act of Parliament in 2005
40 King Tribhuwan Nepal Abolished Rana oligarchy from power
41 William the Silent Netherlands Leader of the successful Dutch Revolt against Spain
42 Nnamdi Azikiwe Nigeria The first president of Nigeria
43 Einar Gerhardsen Norway First post–World War II prime minister of Norway
44 Mohammad Ali Jinnah  Pakistan Founder of Pakistan, leader of the Muslim League, and first Governor-General of Pakistan.
45 D. Afonso Henriques Portugal Founder and 1st. King of Portugal (1139), recognized by the Holy See in 1179.
46 Peter I of Russia Russia Was granted the title in 1721 by the Governing Senate, along with “Emperor of Russia” and “The Great”.
47 El-Ouali Mustapha Sayed  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Leader of the Polisario Front, First President of the SADR.
48 Sir John Compton  Saint Lucia Prime Minister at independence in 1979. Also known as “Daddy Compton”
49 Saint Marinus  San Marino Founder of a chapel and monastery in central Italy.
50 Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Unified the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula and established the modern Saudi state.
51 Saint Sava  Serbia Founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
52 Lee Kuan Yew  Singapore First Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore, governing for over 30 years.
53 Andrej Hlinka  Slovakia Catholic priest, a fighter for Slovak autonomy, and leader of the controversial Slovak People’s Party.
54 Primož Trubar  Slovenia  A consolidator of the Slovene language and the author of the first Slovene printed book.
55 Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Hassan
Leader of the first Somali independence movement against the Kingdom of Italy and Great Britain.
56 Nelson Mandela  South Africa First President of post-apartheid South Africa
57 Catholic Monarchs  Spain The Unifiers of Spain
58 Don Stephen Senanayake  Sri Lanka First Prime Minister, from 1947 to 1952
59 Johan Ferrier Suriname First president after the independence of the country in 1975
60 Gustav I of Sweden Sweden Broke Sweden from Danish rule under Christian II.
61 Julius Nyerere  Tanzania First President of Tanzania.
62 Eric Williams Trinidad and Tobago  Founder of the People’s National Movement, first Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago,
63 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Turkey Founder of the Republic of Turkey and first President of Turkey.
64 Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan United Arab Emirates President of the UAE for its first 33 years (1971–2004).
65 George Washington United States First President of the United States.
66 José Gervasio Artigas  Uruguay Fought against British, Spanish, and Portuguese colonial armies in Río de la Plata.
67 Ho Chi Minh  Vietnam He was the founder of the Communist Party of Vietnam. He fought against American forces During The Vietnam War.

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