António Costa – President of European Council

António Costa was the prime minister of Portugal before being chosen as the next President of the European Council. Being in this job is the second most important thing in the EU. The council in Brussels made an unexpected choice when they chose Costa even though he wasn’t on the first list of candidates. This shows a change toward having more options, and it also shows that Portugal is getting stronger in the EU.

António Costa’s Political and Leadership History

António Costa was born in 1961 and started out as a lawyer. He has been in politics for a long time and has been a cabinet minister in Portugal, the vice president of the European Parliament, and the mayor of Lisbon. Costa was very important in putting in place changes that helped Lisbon and Portugal’s economy and society get back on their feet while he was Prime Minister. Along with his strong commitment to social justice, he is also known for being a practical leader.

Notable Accomplishments and Awards

Costa was given the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman by the President of India in 2017 for his important services to the Indian diaspora. He was nicknamed the “Gandhi of Lisbon” because of his simple lifestyle and Indian background. He is also a citizen of India even though he lives outside of India.

History of the Presidency of the European Council

The job of President of the European Council was created when the Treaty of Lisbon was signed on December 13, 2007. The first person to fill the job was Herman Van Rompuy. The President is very important for reaching agreements and leading council talks. He or she makes sure that all EU member states agree on policies that affect everyone. António Costa is running against Charles Michel because he wants to free people and bring Europe together. This shift in the EU’s strategic leadership shines light on the ongoing changes and shifting structures of government within the union. This helps member states work together to reach common economic and social goals.

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