Uttar Pradesh Cadre IPS officer Alok Sharma Named New Chief Of SPG

Uttar Pradesh Cadre IPS officer Alok Sharma Named New Chief Of SPG (1)

The position of chief of the Special Protection Group (SPG) has been given to Alok Sharma, a senior officer in the Indian Police Service (IPS). The protection of the Prime Minister is under the purview of the Special Protection Group (SPG), an elite security organization.

The seal of approval from the government

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has officially approved Alok Sharma as the director of SPG. This shows that the government has faith in his skills to lead this elite security force.

The move shows that Alok Sharma’s leadership skills and ability to handle the complicated issues that come with getting the top office in the country have been recognized.

How Long Sharma’s Job Will Last

The government order that announced Alok Sharma’s position doesn’t say how long he will be doing this job, but it does say that he will keep doing it until further orders are given.

This adaptability lets you take a strategy approach, making sure that the SPG’s leadership stays stable and consistent while also letting the government evaluate and adjust to changing security needs.

From 2016 to 2023, Arun Kumar Sinha was the longest-serving head of the SPG. He left behind a record of unwavering commitment to the Prime Minister‘s safety.

Alok Sharma takes over this important job and takes on both the duties and the values set by the person who came before him.

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