Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 205


Do You Know Who is a Wordsmith?
Wordsmith means a skilled user of words. Become a Wordsmith with DayTodayGK. Learn TEN new words everyday!!!

Meaning:a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration.आकर्षण-बिन्दु
Sentence:the Queen was the cynosure of all eyes

Meaning:the state of being sober.संयम
Sentence:the price of beer compelled me to maintain a certain level of sobriety.

Meaning:incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate.पंचमेल
Sentence:a motley crew of discontents and zealots.

Meaning:damage the reputation of (someone or something) in the opinion of others.गंदा करना
Sentence:he had besmirched the good name of his family.

Meaning:of or like an animal or animals.वहशी.
Sentence:Darwin’s revelations about our bestial beginnings.

Meaning:a very small or inadequate amount of money paid to someone as an allowance or wage.देन
Sentence:It does give some money – a pittance – to some boys and girls.

Meaning:contemptibly lacking in courage; cowardly.डरपोक
Sentence:a craven abdication of his moral duty.

Meaning:a shapeless mass or blob of something, especially soft food.बड़ा टूकड़ा
Sentence:great dollops of cream

Meaning:a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly.
Sentence:This encomium of praise for the liberating Romans was soon replaced by a rather different view in mainstream Judean opinion.

Meaning:of, relating to, or consisting of money.धन-संबंधी.
Sentence:he admitted obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.

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