Who are you?

Every day I go to sleep, my soul asks me the same question again and again- “Who are you?” and the abrupt answer doesn’t let me sleep. Amidst crowd, I often wonder Who am I?, may be a mere living being.

People are born, raise, live and then ultimately die but among so many people, there are few who struggles to create their identity, who actually have the courage to do so. Out of them, some become famous and some do not. But, there is one thing common in them- that is they have courage to do so. Courage to flow in the opposite direction of water like a fish and that is  why they stand out of the crowd and become our inspiration.

It is not necessary that they are born as visionaries. Some for sure has a vision- They exactly know, what do they want? what is their purpose? who are they? and then they subdivide their vision into missions and execute all in the same direction.

But, there are so many people who doesn’t even know what exactly they want from life. They are just flowing with the flow. Most of them keeps flowing and die ultimately but some of them changes their direction because they realize they are much more capable and they do not belong to the place where there are flowing. World laugh, humiliate and make fun of their decisions, their commitments but they refuse to give up and take criticism as their motivation, not to prove the world wrong but prove themselves right.

May be at this point in your life, you are not aware of your identity but remember, there exists one. This identity is not the one like your sir name(that is your parents identity) but this identity will be the identity which shall be carried ahead by the next generation.

May be, you don’t have an answer to these Questions- who are you?, what are your purposes? Why you exist? but believe, You are capable of doing what your mind imbibes. You have myriad purposes and one of them is when you would die, you would leave this world little better through your knowledge, thoughts and love.  You exists because this world  needs you, your parents need you and most importantly you need yourself.

Just ask yourself- Are you satisfied with yourself? Are you happy with what you do? Are you actually working hard for your dream or just fooling yourself? Are you on the path or lost among the crowd?, write answer to every question. You might get a way to pursue your dreams.

If you can dream it, you can have it. The day will arrive when you will achieve what you thought in your dreams and you will serve as an inspiration to the next generation where you will be their mentor. Till then, Keep working hard and smart.

Please remember- It is hard to beat the person who never gives up.

Note: This article is written by Prerika Gupta. No part of this article will be reproduced without the consent of Author. This article is the property of DAYTODAYGK. You can Follow her here.

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