Ultimate Math Shortcuts and Tricks PDF

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  • October 11, 2015

Math Shortcuts

Math Shortcuts Methods and Tricks – I don’t need to say the importance of Aptitude in Competitive Exams. It is the time consuming part for most of the Aspirants. It is also the nightmare for many aspirants. In this Pdf, you will find many Math shortcut methods PDF. These methods can save two third of your time. Practice Practice and Practice. That is the only way to master anything.

Downloading the file, opening the file, scrolling down till end, and finally closing it won’t help you at all. Go through the topics with utmost patience and make your own questions and solve it. Check it with a calculator and also compare the time taken to solve the same problem with traditional method. Understanding these topics will give you five to seven extra minutes in the exam.

We are familiar with some of the below methods. But we don’t apply it on the right time. For that, practice is necessary. Our Math Shortcuts PDF will be highly useful for serious candidates, who are aiming to grab their dream job at their first attempt itself. Make use of it to the maximum. Save your precious golden time in your exams.

Math Shortcuts

Topics Covered in Math Shortcuts PDF

1. How to Find the Square of Number ending with 5?
2. How to find a Square root of a number?
3. How to find a Square of any number?
4. Multiplication using Split and Merge Method
5. Multiplication with 5 – Into 10 By 2 Method (x 10/2)
6. Multiplication with 11
7. Multiplication of Numbers near to the bases
8. Square of Numbers near to the Base
9. Simple Trick to remember Squares of numbers from 25 to 30
10. DI made easy – Play with Percentages

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