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Download D2G’s Ultimate Banking Awareness Capsule and prepare well for your exam. In this PDF we have covered the important banking related news updates in the last six months. This is the total package for you all!!!

Banking awareness

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The Topics are,

  1. Banking in India
  2. Structure of Indian banking
  3. Bank Nationalization
  4. Department of Banking Operations and Development:
  5. Annual Monetary and Credit Policy
  6. Constitution of the Financial Sector Legislative Reforms Commission
  7. Financial Infrastructure
  8. Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
  9. Banking Federations and Associations in India
  10. Banking Federations and Associations Worldwide
  11. History of Indian Banking System
  12. Classification of Banking Industry in India
  13. Reserve Bank of India
  14. Indian Scheduled Commercial Banks
  15. Types of banks
  16. Highlights of the Economic Survey 2015-2016
  17. Important banking terms
  18. Recent Banking News (January to June Covered)
  19. Banking terms Abbreviations
  20. Public Sector Bank: Slogan Head Quarters/Office, CMDs, CEO

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Ultimate Banking Awareness Capsule

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