Time is too precious to waste- Inspiration and Motivation

People often say, “I couldn’t crack the exam because it was tough.” or “I couldn’t clear it because i am not that intelligent”. Who decides exam is tough or easy? who? Examiners, Question Paper or your relatives….

None of them decides. It is your attitude which decides the level of the exam. Myriads of people are clearing exams every year whether it is UPSC or IBPS. There are certain people who are clearing it irrespective of so many obstacles. Are they Super Intelligent? No, they are not. They just study, study really hard in a systematic way. Remember- Winners don’t do different things. They just do things in a different way.

They don’t give excuses- i couldn’t clear it because…., I could have done better but…blah, blah…Remember, there shouldn’t be any ifs and buts. Make your life excuse free. Promise yourself that you will no more satisfy yourself with the lame excuses because you believe in your dreams and making excuses is like insulting your dreams.

Find your mistakes, work on them and take a solemn oath that you ain’t gonna repeat it in your next attempt. Explore yourself, fall, learn, get up and move to make your dreams into reality. Don’t be afraid of failures, they happen to make you wiser. Remember nothing is constant- Neither your failures nor anyone’s glory.

If  Aspirants, Ira Singhal and Renu Raj can do it. You can do it too. What if these aspirants had given themselves the lame excuses? Would Ira have been able to write history by topping The Civil Service Exam 2014? I think, you know the answer. Remember life is all about trying yourself one more time. Give your best shot.

Remember Nothing comes easy. You have to make Sacrifices. It can be your sound sleep or watching movie etc…Sacrifice your sleep whenever needed, don’t pamper your heart by saying that 7 hrs or 8 hrs of sleep is necessary. No, it is not necessary, if sleeping less can actually make your dreams come true. Eat light, if eating heavy makes you drowsy. Reduce your circle. Stop going for hangouts. let go of those friends who propel you to move out and waste your time. They don’t deserve your time as they only serve as a distraction. Remember A true friend is the one who make you happy, wiser and helps you in building a better career. Remember, Sacrifices never go waste.

If this article doesn’t motivate you or doesn’t force you to let go of distractions. Then, Just close your eyes and Imagine yourself living your dreams. Imagine that finally you have cleared the exam with good scores. Finally,  your parents are proud of you. Finally, the dream is Reality. Does it make you happy? Are you Smiling?

If yes, then go and start your preparations right now and promise yourself that you will definitely clear it this time.  Nothing can stop you. Start it right now because Time is too precious to waste. Every second is being count.

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