The X-Ploration- Republic Day (26th January 2016)

On 26th January 1950, India honored the date as Republic day because this day Constitution of India came into force replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India. Though constitution was adopted on 26th November 1949. It came into force on 26th January 1950.

The reason for choosing this date (26th) was that it was on this day when the Declaration of Indian Independence (Purna Swaraj) was proclaimed by the Indian National Congress as opposed to the Dominion status offered by the British Regime.

It is celebrated annually.It is one of the National holiday in India. This is 67th Republic Day of India. It is celebrated all over India with lot of enthusiasm and love. But, the main  Republic Day celebration is held in the national capital, New Delhi, at the Rajpath before the President of India. This year  the Protocol Department of the Government of Maharashtra held its first parade on the lines of the Delhi Republic Day parade along the entire stretch of Marine Drive in Mumbai.

Choosing of the Chief Guest:

Since 1950, India has been hosting head of state or government of another country as the state guest of honour for Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi. The guest country is chosen after a deliberation of strategic, economic and political interests.  France has the distinction of being the guest of honour for the maximum (five) number of times followed by Bhutan with four visits and three visits each from Mauritius and USSR/Russia.

Every year an eminent personality comes as Chief Guest. In 2015, The President of USA, President Barack Obama was the Chief guest for the function. He was the first USA President to be Invited. This year President of France, François Hollande is Chief Guest for the ceremony. This is the 5th Invitation to the President of France.

About Delhi Republic Parade:

  • It commences from the fate of Rashtrapati Bahvan  Raisina Hill on Rajpath past the India Gate.
  • This event lasts for 3 days.
  • The parade showcases India’s Defence Capability, Cultural and Social Heritage.

Beating Retreat:

  • This is held on 29th January.
  • It is performed by the bands of the three wings of the military, the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.
  • The venue is Raisina Hill and an adjacent square, Vijay Chowk, flanked by the North and South block of the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s Palace) towards the end of Rajpath.
  • When the President arrives, the PBG commander asks the unit to give the National Salute, which is followed by the playing of the Indian National Anthem, Jana Gana Mana, by the Army.

About Constitution Day:

  • It is also known as Samvidhan Divas.
  • It  is celebrated in India in honour of Dr.B.R. Ambedkar.
  • The Government of India declared 26 November as Constitution Day.
  • It was declared by the President Shri Narendra Modi on 11 October 2015.
  • Later it was made Constitution Day on 19 November 2015 by a gazette notification.
  • Constitution Day is not a public holiday.

Some General knowledge Question:

Who is known as the architect of Constitution of India?

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Answer Shri Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

What are the three National Holidays of India?

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Answer  2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti, 15th August (Independence Day), 26th January (Republic Day) .

Which day is Known as Constitution Day?

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Answer : 26th November.

Is Constitution day is a National Holiday?

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Answer : No.

Who was the guest during the 1st Republic day in 1950?

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Answer : president Of Indonesia , Shri Sukarno

Source: Wikipedia

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