Sopna Kallingal Wins Spice Award 2024

A farmer named Sopna Kallingal from the Kallingal Plantation in Thrissur was recently given the prestigious Spice Award 2024. This award was given to her by the ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research in honor of her great work in business growth and integrated crop management.

Important of the Spice Award

The Spice Award was made by the Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR) to recognize and promote new farming methods that are better for the climate in India’s spice business. We want to give this award to companies and people who use safe and effective farming methods that make a big difference in the industry’s growth.

Sopna Kallingal’s Contribution 

While Ms. Kallingal was in charge, Kallingal Plantation was a great example of how to grow in a variety of ways that last for a long time. The farm does a good job of growing other crops along with nutmeg, which is its main crop. Nutmeg trees, coconut palms, areca nuts, and black pepper vines are grown on the farm to make the most of its space and crops.

Multiple types of farming and integrating livestock

Marwadi horses, native cows, ornamental fish, pigeons, rabbits, decorative hens, and goats are just some of the animals that live on the farm. It also has a strong way to grow spices. Different types of farming work together to make an area more biodiverse. This helps keep the environment steady, which is important for farming that lasts for a long time.

Effects and Goals for the Future

When it comes to farming, Sopna Kallingal has set a high bar for other Indian farmers to follow. When she does her job, it encourages other farmers to do the same. This helps India’s farming economy grow over time. This award was given to her for her work in farming and to urge the next generation of farmers to try new farming methods that are better for the environment.


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