General Knowledge Quiz – Set Forty Three

1. Stimulant which is found in coffee, tea, and cola is _______
a) Caffeine
b) Sucrose
c) Galactose
d) Phylline

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Answer a) Caffeine

2. Sodium bicarbonate is commonly used a cooking agent as
a) salt
b) Baking Powder
c) Baking Soda
d) Tartar

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Answer b) baking soda

3. The red coloration in tomato is due to
a) Carotene
b) Sucrose
c) Lycopene
d) Lymonene

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Answer c) lycopene

4. The green color in leafy vegetables is due to
a) Carotene
b) Chlorophyll
c) lycophyll
d) Xanthophyll

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Answer b) chlorophyll

5. The bubbles in champagne and soda are due to
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Carbon monoxide
c) Nitrogen
d) Hydrogen

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Answer a) carbon dioxide

6. Chopping onions produces tears in your eyes, due to a chemical produces as _____
a) sulphuric Acid
b) Hydrochloric Acid
c) Butyric Acid
d) Sulfuric Acid

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Answer d) sulfuric acid

7. Kwashiorkor is characterized by all of the following EXCEPT
a) gross underweight
b) edema
c) depigmentation of hair and/or skin
d) fatty liver

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Answer a) gross underweight

8. Bulimia is characterized by among which of the following characteristics
a) carbohydrate deficiency
b) dental caries
c) Excess of vitamin
d) Hypothyroidism

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Answer b) dental caries

9. A high fat diet increases your risk of getting which disease
a) Liver failure
b) Cancer
c) Skin disease
d) Dementia

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Answer b) cancer

10. Our bodies make cholesterol in which of the following organ
a) Kidney
b) Lungs
c) Liver
d) Heart

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Answer d) heart

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