General Knowledge Quiz – Set Fifty Six

1. Who is known as Father of Genetics?
a) Robert Hook
b) Robert Cook
c) Hugo DE vries
d) Mendel

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Answer d) Mendel

2. Fixation of nitrogen in the soil is effectively done by
a) Bacteria
b) Protozoa
c) Fungi
d) Actinomycetes

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Answer a) Bacteria

3. Which among the following is used as a best biofertilizer?
a) Ammonia
b) Sulphur
c) Nitrogen
d) Calcium

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Answer a) Ammonia

4. Among the following which disease is caused by the fungi
a) Tuberculosis
b) Dermatitis
c) Polio
d) Malaria

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Answer b) Dermatitis

5. Which one of the following animals uses their skin as a respiratory organ?
a) Whale
b) Shark
c) Frog
d) Tortoise

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Answer c) Frog

6. ________ Discovered Nucleus
a) Robert Brown
b) Robert Hook
c) Darwin
d) None

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Answer a) Robert Brown

7. Clove is obtained from which part of plant
a) Root
b) Leaves
c) Flower bud
d) Shoot

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Answer c) Flower bud

8. Due to deficiency of ________ dental caries appears to be a common problem.
a) Fluorine
b) Calcium
c) Phosphorus
d) Iron

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Answer a) Fluorine

9. Which of the plants is commonly used for green manuring in India?
a) Sun hemp
b) Wheat
c) Cotton
d) Sugarcane

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Answer a) Sun Hemp

10. In Biology, Oncogene is responsible for
a) Cancer
b) Tuberculosis
c) Malaria
d) None

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Answer a) Cancer

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