General Knowledge Quiz – Set Two

Science Quiz

1. _____ A good source of ascorbic acid
a) Coffee
b) Meat
c) Beans
d) Citrus fruits

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Answer d) citrus fruit

2. _____ is important for good vision
a) Vitamin A
b) Vitamin C
c) Vitamin D
d) Vitamin k

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Answer a) Vitamin A

3. ______ help us to regulate cholesterol comes under which group of vitamin ______?
a) Niacin, Vitamin A
b) Niacin, Vitamin B
c) Tryptophan, Vitamin C
d) Tryptophan, Vitamin E

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Answer b) Niacin, vitamin b

4. Vitamins are classified in to two classes
a) Water-soluble and water insoluble
b) High molecular weight and Low molecular weight
c) Synthetic and natural
d) Essential or optional

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Answer a) water soluble and water insoluble

5. The disease beriberi is caused by ______ due to dietary deficiency
a) Vitamin B1
b) Vitamin B2,
c) Vitamin B12
d) Vitamin A

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Answer a) Vitamin B1

6. Name the vitamin which produced by the beneficial bacteria in the intestine
a) Pantothenic Acid
b) Niacin
c) Pyridoxine
d) Riboflavin

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Answer a) Pantothenic acid

7. The vitamin responsible for memory balance which is exclusively found in alfalfa
a) Cyanocobalamin
b) Biotin
c) Riboflavin
d) Niacin

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Answer a) Cyanocobalamin

8. Name the enzyme needed for metabolism of glucose and formation for certain enzyme also found in cheese and egg
a) Biotin
b) Riboflavin
c) Niacin
d) pyridoxine

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Answer a) Biotin

9. Deficiency of _____ cause glucose intolerance and insulin resistance hyperglycemia
a) Calcium
b) Chromium
c) Magnesium
d) Copper

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Answer b) Chromium

10. Overdose of molybdenum causes
a) Dietary ingestion
b) Gout-like joint pain
c) Kidney disease
d) Nausea

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Answer b) Gout-like Joint Pain

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