General Knowledge Quiz – Set Thirty Seven

Science Quiz.

1. _______ Bones are their in a human body
a) 206
b) 220
c) 315
d) 230

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Answer a) 206

2. ____________ Bones are their in an infants
a) 220
b) 206
c) 315
d) 320

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Answer a) 220

3. Human body consist which type of _______ skeleton
a) Endoskeleton
b) Exoskeleton
c) Both
d) None

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Answer a) endoskeleton

4. What makes the skeletal system?
a) Blood
b) Tissues
c) Bones
d) Muscles

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Answer c) Bones

5. Ulna and Radius consists which part of human body
a) Lower arm
b) Upper arm
c) Lower leg
d) Back

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Answer a) lower arm

6. How many ribs does a human body have?
a) 12 pairs
b) 14 pairs
c) 6 pairs
d) 8 pairs

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Answer a) 12 pairs

7. __________ is the smallest bone in human body?
a) Coccyx
b) Phalanges
c) Stirrup
d) Patella

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Answer c) stirrup

8. Coccyx is the another name for _____
a) Kneecap
b) Tailbone
c) Joints
d) None

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Answer a) kneecap

9.Example of movable joints
a) Knees
b) Ribs
c) Skull
d) None

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Answer a) knees

10. A _______ is a place where two or more bones meet?
a) Joints
b) Muscles
c) Organ
d) All of the above

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Answer a) joints

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