General Knowledge Quiz on Aids

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1. HIV is a ______ that infects the vital organs of the human immune system.
a) Retrovirus
b) Coronavirus
c) Herpes simplex virus
d) Adenovirus

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Answer a) Retrovirus

2. HIV/AIDS is considered ______ a disease outbreak which is present over a large area and is actively spreading
a) Pandemic
b) Epidemic
c) Endemic
d) All of the above

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Answer a) Pandemic

3. People with AIDS have an increased risk of developing various viral induced cancers including ________
a) Kaposi’s sarcoma
b) Burkitt’s lymphoma
c) Primary central nervous system lymphoma
d) All of the above

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Answer d) Al of the above

4. People with AIDS frequently have systemic symptoms such as ________
a) Prolonged fevers
b) Sweats(particularly at night)
c) Swollen lymph nodes
d) All of the above

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Answer d) All of the above

5. Which one of the following is another common symptom present in about 90% of people with AIDS?
a) Diarrhea
c) Cancer
c) Bacterial infection
d) None

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Answer a) Diarrhea

6. In the United States, as of 2009, most sexual transmission occurred in men who had sex with men, with this population accounting for ______ of all new cases.
a) 64%
b) 58%
c) 21%
d) 67%

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Answer a) 64%

7. After the virus enters the body there is a period of rapid _____ leading to an abundance of virus in the peripheral blood. During primary infection, the level of HIV may reach several million virus particles per milliliter of blood.
a) Viral replication
b) Viral infection
c) Viral transcription
d) Viral Translation

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Answer a) Viral replication

8. From among the following who first proposed a definition for AIDS in 1986
a) World Health Organization
b) Ministry of Health
c) Ministry OF Family and Welfare
d) Centers for Disease and Prevention

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Answer a) World Health Organization

10. There is currently no cure or effective HIV vaccine. A single trial of the vaccine _______ published in 2009 found a partial reduction in the risk of transmission. Name the Vaccine.
a) SP 225
b) TP 78
c) YL 45
d) RV 144

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Answer d) RV 144

11. The primary causes of death from HIV/AIDS are _______ both of which are frequently the result of the progressive failure of the immune system.
a) Opportunistic infections
b) Cancer
c) Both 1 and 2
d) None

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Answer c) Both 1 and 2

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