Russia and China to stage naval drills in Sea of Japan

Russia and China are going to conduct International naval drills in the Sea of Japan from August 20-28. Sailors, marines and naval air pilots of the two countries will be training together in combined operations in an amphibious assault exercise. The exercise will take place in the Sea of Japan and off the coast of Russia’s Primorsky territory –  approximately 250 miles away from Japan — and include for the first time a joint amphibious assault drill.

The Chinese navy dispatched seven Chinese warships for the Sea of Japan. They will join the Russian Navy’s 16 surface ships, two submarines, 12 naval aircraft, nine amphibious vehicles and 200 marines. The drills are an extension of Joint Sea-2015 (I), another naval exercise that the two countries had held in May in the Mediterranean Sea, on the doorstep of Europe, and in the backdrop of the crisis in Ukraine.

Military Operation between Countries
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  • SIMBEX and MILAN – Joint Naval Exercises between India and Singapore.
  • Surya Kiran – Joint India-Nepal Military Exercise
  • Mithra Shakti – India – Sri Lanka Joint Military Exercise
  • Silk Route 2015 – Sri Lanka and China joint Military training Exercise
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  • Hand in Hand – Joint Exercise between India and China
  • Exercise Malabar – Join Naval Exercise among India, Japan and Unites States
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