Present Perfect Tense and Present perfect continous

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Present Perfect tense: This tense is formed with Present tense of the verb have and the past participle of a verb.

Present Perfect Continuous tense : This tense is formed with has/have been and the -ing form of the verb.


  1. In case of 1st Person- (I/We)- have(present perfect tense)/have been(present perfect continuous)
  2. In case of 2nd Person- (You)- have(present perfect tense)/have been(present perfect continuous)
  3. In case of third person
    1. Singular(He/She/It) – has(present perfect tense)/has been(present perfect continuous)
    2. Plural (They)-have(present perfect tense)/have been(present perfect continuous)
  4. The Past participle form of the verb i.e the third form of the verb is used in all types of Present Perfect Tense.

Use: Present perfect is used in the following situation:

1. For something that started in the past and continues in the present- 

  1.   She has worked in the bank for nearly 5 years.-Present perfect tense
  2. She has been working in the bank for 5 years-Present Perfect Continuous tense.

Note: We normally use the present perfect continuous for these type of tenses.

2.  For something that we have done several times and continues to do in the present-

  1.  I have played the Guitar ever since i was a kid.-Present perfect tense.
  2.  She has been watching the show ever since it was started.- Present Perfect Continuous tense

3. When the time referred to has not finished-

  1. It has rained a lot this month.-Present perfect tense.
  2. She has been running since morning.- Present Perfect Continuous tense

4.  Things repeated in between the past and the present-

  1. We have seen Titanic six times.-Present Perfect Continuous tense
  2. She has visited the doctor frequently.-Present perfect tense.

5. Actions completed with the very recent past(with the use of just)

  1. I have just finished cooking.
  2. She has just joined the classes.

6. When some activities remain unknown-

  1. Someone has eaten my cookie !
  2. She has not come to class for 3 weeks.


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