Present Continuous Tense

I am not blinded by the past or motivated by the future; I am focus on the present because that is where i am destined to live.-Stephan Lee


Meaning:  Present Continuous Tense is used to express a continued or ongoing action at present time. It expresses an action which is in progress at the time of speaking.

For example, a person says, “I am driving Car”.

Key: Auxiliary verb “am or is or are” is used in sentence. [am/is/are + present participle] is the Main key for the this tense. The participle “ing” is added to the 1st form of verb i.e. going (go) writing (write)

Use of Auxiliary Verb:

  1. If Subject is ‘I’- Auxiliary verb ‘am’ is used.
  2. If subject is “He,She,It”– Auxiliary verb ‘is’ is used.
  3. If subject is ‘You, They or plural’– Auxiliary Verb ‘are’ is used.

Use of Present Continuous tense:

  • For something that is happening at the every moment.
  • for something which is happening before and after a given time
  • for something which we think is temporary.
  • to show that something is changing, growing or developing
  • for something which happens again and again
  • to talk about the future
  • Sometimes, to talk about the past

Use of the verb in case of a Positive Sentence:

  • Rule: Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Main Verb end with ing +object
  • Eg:        I         + am   + Play-ing  + Cricket.
  •               He     + is     + Drive-ing  + Car
  •               They  + are  + Writing     +A post

Use of the verb in case of a Negative Sentence:

  • Rule: Subject + Auxiliary Verb + Not + Main Verb end with ing +object
  •  I         + am   + not  + Play-ing   + Cricket.
  •  He      + is     +not   + Drive-ing + Car
  •  They  + are   +not   + Writing    +A post

Interrogative Sentences

For making interrogative sentences, the sentence is started with auxiliary verb rather than putting auxiliary verb after the subject.

  • If the subject is “I”-auxiliary verb “am”.
  • If the subject is “He, She, It,”- auxiliary verb “is”.
  • If subject is “You, They or plural”  auxiliary verb “are”.

Rule:  Auxiliary verb + Subject + main verb-ing (Present participle) + object

  •   Am/is/are  +    Subject + (1st form of verb or base verb + ing)  + object.
  • Am   +    I    + playing     + Cricket




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