Pinaka Mark II rocket successfully test-fired

The new and updated version of the indigenously developed Pinaka Mark II rocket has been successfully test-fired from Indian Army’s Chandan firing range near Pokhran using a multi-barrel launcher. The target was successfully hit in Keru area which was situated 55 km from the firing point.

Pinaka Mark II Rocket was jointly developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation and the Indian Army. The multi-barrel rocket launcher has many advanced features such as high operational mobility, flexibility and accuracy.

Pinaka-I has already been inducted into the Army and was also put into field testing for assessing its capability during the Kargil war. Its quick reaction time and high rate of fire gives an edge to the Army during low-intensity warlike situation.

The development and trials for Pinaka Mark II will continue and the rocket is expected to be inducted into service any time now.

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